Tarot Cards – the Major Arcana, Cards 11 to 15

Tarot Cards – the Major Arcana, Cards 11 to 15

Having examined the meanings of Cards 1 to 10 of the Major Arcana in Part 1 (Cards 0 – 4) and Part 2 (Cards 5 to 10) of this series, let’s take a look at the meanings of Cards 11 to 15 today.

The Major Arcana, Cards 11 to 15

These five cards include:

  • 11 – Justice
  • 12 – The Hanged Man
  • 13 – Death
  • 14 – Temperance
  • 15 – The Devil

As with all other cards, the meaning of these Major Arcana cards and how it should be interpreted by you/your reader depends on every individual card’s positioning within the spread; surrounding cards; whether it is the right way up or upside down as it is turned over and, of course, what the question you wish to have answered is. Let’s look at the basic meanings of these 5 cards.

justice11 – Justice

If this card is drawn facing the right way, it represents equity, rightness and/or probity (righteousness, integrity, truthfulness, morality). It may also indicate an executive. Drawn upside down, it may be interpreted as indicating the law in all its departments; excessive severity, bias or bigotry.





hanged man12 – The Hanged Man

Drawn right way up, The Hanged Man may indicate discernment, foresight and/or wisdom; divination, intuition and/or prophesy or, depending on the situation, impending sacrifice or trials. The wrong way up, it can indicate a crowd; a body’s politics and/or selfishness.





death13 – Death

Far less ominous than it appears, this cards indicates – when drawn facing the right way – the end of a situation. It may, however, also refer to mortality, corruption and/or destruction. Upside down, it may point to inertia, lethargy or sleep; petrification and/or somnambulism (sleepwalking).





temperance14 – Temperance

When this card faces the right way, it could signal accommodation, the economy and/or frugality; management and moderation. The wrong way up, it may point towards matters concerning churches; the priesthood, religions and/or sects. It may also be an indication of competing interests, disunion and/or unfortunate combinations.





devil15 – The Devil

Indicating (right way up) extraordinary efforts, force and/or vehemence, this card may also point at violence; ravage, evil and/or fatality. It could also suggest something that is predestined for some reason. Drawn upside down, it may serve to indicate blindness or weakness; pettiness, fatality and/or evil.





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