Tarot Cards – the Major Arcana, Cards 5 to 10

Tarot Cards – the Major Arcana, Cards 5 to 10

As I mentioned in Part 1 of my series on the meanings of Tarot cards (Tarot Cards – the Major Arcana, Cards 0 to 4), where I discussed cards 0 to 4, the cards of the Major Arcana are numbered successively from 0 to 21, as well as having a name and individual meaning each.

Tarot Cards – the Major Arcana, Cards 5 to 10

Continuing this series, today I will take a look at cards 5 to 10 of the Major Arcana, which are:

  • 5 – The Hierophant
  • 6 – The Lovers
  • 7 – The Chariot
  • 8 – Strength
  • 9 – The Hermit
  • 10 – The Wheel of Fortune

Again, the meaning of each of these Tarot cards and how it is interpreted by the reader is dependent on each card’s position within the spread; what the specific question to be answered is and whether the card is facing the right way up or is upside down when turned over. Let’s take a look at each card’s basic meaning.

tarot55 – The Hierophant

Facing the right way up, The Hierophant may indicate matters concerning marriage allegiance, captivity or servitude. It may also signal inspiration, mercy and/or goodness, as well as potentially being relevant to a man with whom the querist is engaged in recourse. Upside down (reversed), this card may indicate concord, good understanding or society, as well as weakness and/or over kindness.




tarot66 – The Lovers

As its name suggests, this card is concerned with matters of love, beauty and attraction, as well as indicating trials that have been or will be overcome. The wrong way up, it may signal foolish designs/ideas or failure.








7 – The Chariot

The Chariot signals support and assistance in times of distress and hardship; providence, presumption or triumph. It may also indicate war, trouble and/or vengeance. If it is drawn reversed, it may speak of disputes, quarrels or riots; litigation and/or defeat.







tarot88 – Strength

Not surprisingly, this card may indicate action, courage and/or energy; magnanimity and/or power. Turned over upside down, it may signal despotism or discord; weakness or an abuse of power.







tarot99 – The Hermit

Drawn the right way up, The Hermit signals a need for prudence, as well as (and especially) indicating pretence, misrepresentation or deceit; dishonesty, duplicity or double-dealing; treason, corruption or roguery. Drawn reversed, it may signal concealment or disguise; unreasoned caution, fear and/or matters of policy.




tarot1010 – The Wheel of Fortune

Often considered to be a ‘lucky’ card, the Wheel of Fortune signals fortune, happiness and success, as well as speaking of matters of destiny and luck. Reversed, it indicates an increase or abundance; surplus, excess or embarrassment; a deluge, overabundance or an overload.






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