About Tony

About Tony

To call me in Canada personally for a Psychic Reading ring my toll free number: 1866 403 3407 and charge your reading to your credit or debit card.

I am a natural Clairvoyant with over 20 years of experience and am descended from a long line of Psychics, mediums and healers on my mother’s side. I believe that this also was the case on my father’s side as well. I work as a Clairvoyant Psychic, guiding my clients through all the highs and lows life has to offer.

In the Beginning 

I realised that there was something different about me at the age of around 7. I went to a school that was run by Benedictine Monks, and one day I was asked to paint a picture of a classmate. When I had finished the picture, the monk taking the class stood behind me and said that it was very good, but I had spoiled it by scribbling colours all around my classmate. This confused me, as I could clearly see these colours around him. Seeing the obvious disapproval on the face of the teacher, I said nothing, but I later mentioned it to my grandmother. She explained that I was seeing his ‘aura’, and that most people could not see this. She also told me that most people were unable to know what was going to happen in the future! At that age, not wanting to be different to my friends, I somehow managed to teach myself not to see auras.

Early Adult Years 

Growing up, I did not have the intention of becoming a professional Psychic (not to mention becoming one of the best phone psychics you can get hold of) , and I had a number of “normal” jobs. These varied from managing a branch of a large electrical retailer, to sales rep jobs, recruitment and care work. Although I didn’t set out to use my psychic abilities in these jobs, I am sure that I did obtain some advantage, especially in my sales roles. More importantly, I believe that, having experienced over 20 years of ‘real work’, I am better able to empathise with clients and understand  some of their difficulties.

Life-Changing Events 

In September 1999, I was working as a residential social worker for a company that looked after young teens that had come out of secure units. One morning, one of the teenagers punched me and I was forced to carry out a restraint. This resulted in a back injury. My doctors explained that I would never work again, and I would probably be paralysed and in a wheel chair within a year as the injury was not only inoperable, but also unstable. The odds were that my spine would move and sever the spinal column. You can imagine the shock of hearing that! Thankfully, this never happened, and luckily the predicted movement actually moved my spinal column in the opposite direction. I am now pain free and do not even require any medication!

The Start of my New Life as one of the Best Phone Psychics 

A friend of mine who is a professional psychic began pestering me to start advertising myself for telephone readings. He knew of my abilities, and set about persuading me that I had a lot to offer others. That was the beginning of a completely new life. I now realise that, although traumatic at the time, injuring my back was perhaps one of the best things I ever did. I believe I am truly privileged that so many people feel able to confide their deepest thoughts and desires to me, and that in turn I am able to offer guidance through some very difficult times.

Unexpected Discoveries 

Some years ago, I discovered that the person I had always believed to be my father wasn’t. While going through some old papers after my mother’s death, I learned that my birth father was actually a Croatian Gypsy that my mother had met while they were working on the Flying Trapeze in a circus. I have never learned my real father’s name, but did discover a photograph amongst my mother’s papers of a man on the trapeze. The likeness to me when I was teenager was striking, so I guess it was my real father.

A Strange Meeting 

A strange thing happened when I was around 12 or 13 years old, long before I knew anything about my Croatian connections. I went to a town called Pula in Yugoslavia (now Croatia) with my school. One morning,  I was walking along a quiet street and spotted a Gypsy woman reading Tarot cards. When she saw me, she dashed across the road, picked me up and smothered my face with kisses, while  at the same time talking excitedly and loudly in Croatian. I was with a school teacher that could speak Croatian, and he explained that she was confused and thought I was her long-lost son! This was around 30 years before I knew anything about my Croatian father, and it seems strange to me that this event has remained so vivid in my memory after all these years. I firmly believe that she was in fact my grandmother on my father’s side!

To call me personally for a Psychic Reading ring my toll free number: 1866 403 3407 and charge your reading to your credit or debit card.

There are a number of stories I could recall related to my work as a psychic one of the best phone psychics online  and to personal spiritual/psychic experiences. Here are a couple:

Saved by my Spirit Guide

My life was quite possibly saved by my guide a few years ago. Every morning I take my dog for a walk. I am lucky to live in a rural location, and so early one morning I was walking my dog along a quiet country lane. It was a typical narrow and winding English lane, with high hedges to both sides so that I could not see over them.

Suddenly, I felt a hand in my back pushing me to go faster.

Although, at 22 stone with a back injury, I was not built for running, I had no choice as the pressure in my back was too hard. I was pushed about 25 metres and up a side turning just as a large tractor came around the bend out of control. The tractor ploughed straight through the hedge exactly where I would have been if I had not run. I assumed at first that I had subconsciously heard the tractor’s engine, but my back felt as if it had been punched. When I returned home, I discovered a large bruise in the shape of a hand in the small of my back. There was no doubt that a spirit had saved my life!

A Happy Client

One August a few years ago, a new client called me for a reading. She wanted to know if she was going to pass her driving test the following day. I explained that she would not pass then, but would pass on 14th February the following year at 3 PM  in a red car. I also said it would be her eighth attempt. Although disappointed at this news, she asked if she was ever likely to succeed in getting pregnant. I informed her that, although she was a Muslim and didn’t normally drink alcohol, her husband would buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate her passing her driving test. After drinking this, she would conceive her first child (which would be a boy).

I didn’t hear anything else from her until 15th February. She rang me very excitedly the first thing in the morning. She explained that she had taken her driving test the day before at 3 PM  in a red car and that it had been her eighth attempt! She had passed, and to celebrate she had drunk champagne with her husband. She wanted to know if she was now pregnant. I confirmed that she was. About 9 months later, she called me again to let me know she had a brand new baby boy, and asked if I minded him being called Tony after me!

To call me in Canada personally for a Psychic Reading ring my toll free number: 1866 403 3407 and charge your reading to your credit or debit card.