Psychic Readings Dictionary

Psychic Readings Dictionary

Understanding what is meant by all the names used to describe ‘Psychic readings’ can be confusing. I have listed most of the terms that are used to describe the abilities that psychics possess, with a brief description of each.

I hope you find this helpful when choosing who you want to give you your Psychic telephone readings.

Psychics use a multitude of terms and names for what they do. This can be confusing, so what does it all mean?

Clairaudience, Clairaudient

This is the hearing of sounds (such as words, music or other noises, for instance) with relevant messages for clients during psychic readings . These can appear to be either in the head, or can be real external sounds normally only heard by the Psychic.


This refers to a spirit sense of smell. For example, you could smell a strong scent of a particular flower, and find that a passed loved one you were discussing with a client had a great love for that flower. It is often used by spirits as a proof of being present at psychic readings . It can also manifest itself as a taste.

Clairsentience, Clairsentient

Often thought of as ‘intuition’, this is where the Psychic is able to receive messages by way of feelings and emotions. It can also be known as ‘Claircognisance’, although this refers merely to the intuitive side of Clairsentience.


Clairvoyants are able to understand relevant information about a client’s specific needs. Most clairvoyants are able to do this with no other tools, although some use this skill in conjunction with other things (such as tarot). Clairvoyance is divided into several categories one of several distinctly different abilities used to provide psychic readings. These abilities also include: Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Clairgustance.

Crystal Balls

Crystal Balls are used primarily as a method of concentrating Clairvoyant abilities, and often magnify the images that a reader can see, enabling them to give a more complete interpretation for their client. This is known as ‘Scrying’, which can also be done through the use of things such as a bowl or glass of water. Interpreting what is seen in a Crystal Ball during psychic readings  is not always straightforward, as images are not always as clear as could be hoped for.


A medium communicates with spirits of those passed, as well as Angels and other non-human spirits. This happens in various ways, such as through hearing voices, seeing images and general impressions.


A Psychic is a person that can see things about a person or event that “normal” people are unable to see. They can often see spirits and some can even communicate with them. ‘Psychic’ is often used as a general term for the various methods and abilities that are used by readers. Most Psychics have several abilities, but few would claim to be skilled in all.


This involves holding an object, preferably metal, that has been owned by the subject of the reading. A Psychometric can often see very vivid images from the person’s life experiences.


The full Tarot deck consists of 78 cards which are laid in various spreads. Readings are dependent on the interpretation by the reader, who usually uses other Psychic skills to aid a more complete reading. A Clairvoyant may use Tarot as a way to channel or concentrate their efforts during psychic readings .


This is by no means a complete list, so if there is a term you would like included then you can email me and I will try to make an addition.