Why am I dreaming of Mirrors?

Why am I dreaming of Mirrors?

Your dreams are sometimes a way for your subconscious to talk with you. It may be trying to tell you about your real feelings and true needs and some hints for the future.

It may also be a way of those that have passed trying to get in touch. If you can learn the language of dreams, you will feel truly empowered.

Why am I dreaming of mirrors?

Mirrors could be classed as magical objects (although it does really depend on who is looking at it, I suppose – I’m joking!), but some people see them as gateways to other worlds, or showing the real truth about the world that we live in.

It has been said that looking into a darkened mirror can give you a glimpse of the future or reveal what may be hidden, by alerting your own psychic senses.

Mirrors do have special meanings and in dreams, they are very important. Here’s a breakdown of what dreaming of mirrors may be.

Dreaming of looking at yourself in a mirror – This represents a subconscious view of your own self. It may call for some self- analysis. Are you doing something in life and don’t understand why? You are most likely trying to search for self awareness.

Dreaming of being happy at your own reflection – You are most likely happy in your own skin, a good thing! But beware of narcissism, where you are only thinking about yourself, that’s not healthy.

Dreaming of examining yourself – You may be concerned by your appearance, or how you think others perceive you. This is ok, it means you can address any issues you may have and try to improve your appearance.

Dreaming of seeing another person in the mirror – If you do not recognise this person, maybe you do not recognise yourself? Have you changed appearance? Or maybe it is someone you do recognise – why do they have this hold over you?

Another possibility is that it is someone you know who has passed away. Maybe they are trying to communicate with you?

Dreaming of a broken mirror – no, not 7 years bad luck, but a more positive way of saying goodbye to old attitudes or lifestyles.

Dreaming of a mirror with a crack in it – Maybe this relates to a poor self image issue. You could be unhappy with aspects of your behaviour. How can you address and build up your self esteem?

Dreaming of seeing no reflection – Don’t worry, you are not a vampire! What it may mean is you feel you have lost your ‘identity’ – maybe you have gone through a big change recently and you do not recognise yourself?

Dreaming that the glass is steamed up – this could mean that currently some questions you have there are no answers for.

There’s nothing to worry about in all of the above, and these are just basic guides on what dreams with mirrors may represent. I hope it has helped.

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Tony Hyland