Psychic readings and Covid19

Psychic readings and Covid19

During the unprecedented times of COVID-19, many are finding it hard to adapt to this new reality, and a lot of people are dealing with grief and anxiety.

Many are feeling lost and are wondering when life will regain some normalcy. Asking a psychic for guidance or their predictions on the future could be a good idea for those seeking guidance at this time.

With social distancing in place, my phone and email readings have proved very useful. If you are feeling the strain of the pandemic and need some reassurance please get in contact.

As an experienced psychic, I am able to form a connection via a phone call or email just as I would at an in-person meeting. Although the interaction is formed over the internet and sometimes over large distances, you will bring your energy to the interaction and I will sense it and provide an accurate reading.

In terms of email readings, where it differs from in-person readings or over the phone readings is that it doesn’t provide immediate readings. A great benefit of this is that I have more time to develop a strong connection and more time to gain insights allowing me to provide a higher detail in my answers.

For people that are at the beginning of their journey and are just starting to receive readings this often puts them at ease and allows them to be more comfortable than an in-person meeting. You have the ability to control the environment and state of mind when you write your questions and when you consider the answers from the psychic.

Covid-19 has challenged us all but amidst the fear, anxiety and grief, my task is to find new opportunities and new ways of making my readings available to everyone. Rarely has there been a greater need for spiritual renewal and guidance.

Please find a series of numbers below, which may also be of use to those in difficult situations.

Tony Hyland