Psychic Reading by Email – Does it work?

Psychic Reading by Email – Does it work?

Psychic email readings may not be for everyone, for some people they are wildly beneficial. They may be a great choice for those who are hard of hearing, struggle to understand spoken English or just have no time to sit down on a phone call. You might just prefer to have the answers to your questions in writing for you to consider whenever you feel the need, a good option for those of us who feel they may struggle to recall what was said.

How Does it Work Over the Internet?

As an experienced psychic, I am able to form a connection via email just as I would at an in-person meeting or over the phone. Although the interaction is formed over the internet and sometimes over large distances, you will bring your energy to the interaction and I will sense it flowing through the email and provide an accurate reading.

Where it differs from in-person readings or over the phone readings is that it doesn’t provide immediate readings. A great benefit of this is that I have more time to develop a strong connection and more time to gain insights allowing me to provide a higher detail in my answers.

For people that are at the beginning of their journey and are just starting to receive readings this often puts them at ease and allows them to be more comfortable than an in-person meeting. You have the ability to control the environment and state of mind when you write your questions and when you consider the answers from the psychic.

How to Ask Good Questions:

As I just mentioned, face to face readings are oftentimes less predictable than an email reading because you may not be feeling quite yourself because of something that had happened that day, reflecting bad energy to the psychic. Perhaps you as the client feel a little bit uncomfortable exposing your true feelings and asking questions that are deeply personal. This is just one reason why these readings can often give more clarity, but, you have to play your part to make sure that your questions are good.

It is often a good idea to meditate before writing your questions and make sure you have a lot of time to write them. You don’t want to rush this, you want to take your time and make sure your intentions are right.

Be specific about where you want guidance and what in your life or about yourself to you want clarity on. Read your questions over to ensure that the psychic will understand your intention and what you want to gain from the reading.

When reading the answers from the psychic be receptive and keep an open mind. Remember that you must focus on your intentions to allow the psychic to gain a strong energetic connection which will allow him to provide meaningful insight and guide you in the right direction.

How to Request a Psychic Reading By Email?

I offer to answer three questions for email readings. It’s up to you to impart the value in your questions so that I can provide you with the most valuable clarity and guidance.

Requesting a reading could not be easier: simply hop over to my ‘Psychic Email Readings’ page, fill in the form at the bottom of the page (please be as specific as you can), add a photo (optional) and ‘hit’ the submit button and make your payment.

I will do my best to have your answers with you within 72 hours (but, as life can get rather busy, I cannot guarantee this, so please be patient – I aim to keep any delays as minimal as humanly possible!)

Tony Hyland