How Does Distance Healing Work?

How Does Distance Healing Work?

You have probably noticed that I now offer remote healing for both humans & pets – often also referred to simply as psychic energy healing. You may also be wondering exactly what remote or distance healing is and how it works.

What Actually is Remote or Distance Healing?

Essentially, distance healing is the process of sending healing energy to a specific recipient, whether that be a family member, friend, colleague or pet – upon whom it then has a healing effect. My ability to easily access a recipient’s energy body at any given time and from anywhere means the recipient does not have to be in my presence, but could be as far away from him/her as the other side of the world. My clients have found this incredibly valuable in recent stressful months with the Covid-19 lockdown.

What Remote Healing is NOT

It is very important to make clear what remote or distance healing is not before we delve into what it actually is. It is not an alternative to professional medical or veterinary treatment. In other words, it should be used to complement and work in conjunction with such treatments, not to replace them.

It is also not a myth that can or should be scornfully dismissed, but something very real that has (despite a continuing lack of mainstream awareness) been scientifically proven to work1, 2.

Finally, I must also point out that it is not a guaranteed cure for all ailments. Sometimes, the best that can be achieved is to make you or a loved one more comfortable during their time of suffering.

How Does Psychic Energy Healing Work?

Now we have a basic understanding of what remote or distant healing is, how does it work?

To be completely honest, nobody really knows exactly how it works. This is mainly because consciousness plays a major part in distant healing – and we still don’t fully know what consciousness is.

While many neuroscientists believe consciousness can be found somewhere in the brain and is both completely local and bound to specific points within space and time, many studies have revealed that it is, in fact, “non-local” – meaning it can’t be defined to a specific place and subsequently cannot be found in the brain.

Moreover, the laws of physics dictate that time and space are bound together, so being “non-local” means consciousness can also not be confined to time.

We do, however, know a few things about how distance healing works and can generally distinguish between three healing phases:

Phase 1: Involving the healer’s intentions and activities, this is when the healer puts him/herself into a kind of meditative state during which the boundary between the world and the egoic mind blurs. This very well researched state involves measurable physiological changes including, for instance, changes in PET scan data, MRIs and EEG patterns, as well as cardiovascular changes and immune modification.

Phase 2: Remote healing takes place during this, the ‘non-local’ phase. It is called non-local because the healing effect is not bound to a specific place and distance does not diminish it. It therefore makes no difference how much space separates healer and ‘patient’.

Phase 3: This phase is the healing’s positive effect on the ‘patient’. This effect can, depending on the healer’s skills and intentions, be far reaching and may range from healing emotional issues to improved cardiovascular/immune functions and other measurable physiological changes.

While this makes reasonable sense so far, the question precisely what happens in that ‘non-local’ phase (Phase 2) during which healing takes place remains…

To read more about what exactly happens in this non-local phase 2 read my other blog post here.

Request Healing

We know remote healing works, and while it may take some time before we fully understand how it works, we can use it here and now to benefit not only humanity, but all living beings – which is why I am offering free remote healing for both your human and non-human (i.e. pets) family and friends.

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