Could a Phone Psychic Reading Be More Beneficial Than a Face-to-Face Reading?

Could a Phone Psychic Reading Be More Beneficial Than a Face-to-Face Reading?

Psychic readings conducted over the phone have reached peak popularity during recent months. While some still question the effectiveness and accuracy of an over the phone reading, some suggest that they could be more beneficial than a face-to-face reading. Here are my thoughts…


Do Phone Psychic Readings work?

Over the phone readings may seem counterintuitive to some as they can’t see how I am able to accurately give a reading while not in the same room. I always tell sceptical clients that Professional psychics such as myself don’t always need to be physically near you to tap into your energetic field.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I do believe psychic readings conducted over the phone can work really well and can be very accurate and advantageous – the responses and feedback from my clients are proof of this.

In some instances, I also believe that a phone psychic reading can yield more accuracy and be more beneficial than seeing a psychic face-to-face, here’s why.

Why Are They More Beneficial?

Home is Where the Heart is:

Perhaps the most obvious reason is that you can receive your reading from the comfort of your home. This means that you are likely to be much more relaxed and significantly less stressed. Having to worry about how you’re going to get to the appointment and whether you’re going to be late can cause you to be stressed and pent-up making it hard for the psychic to read your natural energy.

It’s always good to remember that a good psychic reads your energy, not the way you look or smell, so you can be reassured that you will receive an accurate reading.


Those that feel anxious or nervous about receiving a reading may find it comforting to remain anonymous; you are not required to tell your psychic who you are. These emotions can overpower your natural energy, changing the messages that the psychic is receiving. It is very normal to still have some lingering feelings of anxiousness and it’s my job to help you feel calm and relaxed.

Personal Subjects:

During a face-to-face session, it may feel uncomfortable to discuss personal topics. A lot of people inadvertently bury these topics that might cause them to feel judged or embarrassed, but these topics and stories could be some of the most important information for the psychic. During a phone reading in your own home, it might be easier to share these stories.

Phone a Psychic

You might be asking what a psychic reading over the phone can do for you? It can answer your innermost questions, providing fresh perspectives and honest guidance, helping you make better and more informed decisions.

As an experienced ethical psychic I care deeply for the people that call me for help. whatever your needs or whatever questions you want answering, I am here to help, so call me on the number above to schedule a reading.

Tony Hyland