What is Remote or Distance Healing and How Does it Work?

What is Remote or Distance Healing and How Does it Work?

You have probably noticed that I now offer remote healing for both humans & pets. You may well also be wondering exactly what remote or distance healing – often also referred to simply as psychic energy healing – is and how it works.

To find out, read on…

What Remote Healing is NOT

Before I go into what distance healing is, I feel it is important to make it clear what it is not – namely an alternative to professional medical or veterinary treatment. In other words, it should be used to complement and work in conjunction with such treatments, not to replace them.

It is also not a myth that can or should be scornfully dismissed, but something very real that has (despite a continuing lack of mainstream awareness) been scientifically proven to work1, 2.

Finally, I must also point out that it is not a guaranteed cure for all ails – sometimes, the best we can achieve is to make a loved one more comfortable during their time of suffering.

So, what is Remote or Distance Healing?

Distance healing is basically the process of sending healing energy to a specific recipient – be it a family member, friend, colleague or pet – upon whom it then has a healing effect. The ability to easily access a recipient’s energy body at any given time and from anywhere means the recipient does not have to be in the “sender’s” presence but could be as far away from him/her as the other side of the world.

How Does Psychic Energy Healing Work?

To be perfectly honest, nobody really knows exactly how it works, because consciousness plays a major role in distant healing – and we still don’t know what consciousness is.

While many scientists still believe consciousness can be found somewhere in the brain and is both completely local and bound to specific points within space and time, many studies have revealed that it is, in fact, “non-local” – meaning it cannot be defined to a specific place and subsequently cannot be found in the brain.

What’s more, laws of physics dictate that time and space are bound together, so being “non-local” means consciousness can also not be confined to time.

We do, however, know a few things about how distance healing works and can generally distinguish between three healing phases:

Phase 1: Involving the healer’s intentions and activities, this is when the healer puts him/herself into a kind of meditative state during which the boundary between the world and the egoic mind blurs. This very well researched state involves measurable physiological changes including, for instance, changes in PET scan data, MRIs and EEG patterns, as well as cardiovascular changes and immune modification.

Phase 2: Remote healing takes place during this, the ‘non-local’ phase. It is called non-local because the healing effect is not bound to a specific place and distance does not diminish it. It therefore makes no difference how much space separates healer and ‘patient’.

Phase 3: This phase is the healing’s positive effect on the ‘patient’. This effect can, depending on the healer’s skills and intentions, be far reaching and may range from healing emotional issues to improved cardiovascular/immune functions and other measurable physiological changes.

While this makes reasonable sense so far, the question precisely what happens in that ‘non-local’ phase (Phase 2) during which healing takes place remains…

So, What Happens During this Non-Local Phase 2?

Before we can answer this question, we must understand exactly what ‘non-local’ events are: ‘non-locality’ (in layman’s terms) literally means (not surprisingly) ‘not local’. Non-local events therefore cannot be confined to ‘here-and-now’ or specific points within time and space.

The three characteristics non-local events have in common are that they are:

  • Unmediated, meaning no ‘signal’ is involved
  • Unmitigated, meaning distance does not diminish the effect’s strength. Effects are always the same, regardless of the distance between healer and recipient – whether this is just an inch or thousands of miles. This is contrary to classical physics’ laws, in which a signal’s strength inversely decreases according to the distance (from its source) squared.
  • Immediate, meaning there is no time-gap – effects immediately take place, because as there is no signal to travel between healer and recipient, there is also no ‘signal travel time’.

It is difficult to believe and understand that distant healing does not involve a signal. Scientists have, however, looked long and hard – and couldn’t find one. Experiments comparing the results of unshielded healers and healers shielded (using something like a Faraday cage) from outside signals revealed that the effects on recipients were identical.

Contradicting the notion that remote healing involves electromagnetic energy, this subsequently renders terms like ‘energy transmissions’, vibrational healing’ or ‘energy healing’ inaccurate.

How Can There Possibly Be an Effect Without a Signal?

Although they cannot explain the how, physicists have carried out numerous experiments demonstrating non-local effects. They have, for example, taken and separated subatomic particles that were previously connected over vast distances.

On changing one particle, they saw that the other particle also changed – and did so instantaneously. Neither time nor the distance between the particles appeared to matter and the particles acted as though they were never separated or, to say it differently, were still connected. This was famously called “spooky action at a distance3” by Einstein.

The Newtonian Model

Although we can see that distance healing involves observable actions, we still do not understand the ‘how’. Using the somewhat outdated, though still common Newtonian (or mechanistic) model to try and understand remote healing is therefore bound to fail.

Experiencing our world rather like a machine consisting of varying unconnected parts, this model considers everything and everyone as separate from one another.

Trying to understand the world through an (incorrect) worldview’s filters, people still believing in this model are closed to the reality that distant healing works.

Although quantum physics do get a little closer to understanding distant healing, a valid model capable of explaining this phenomenon’s effects is still lacking. This is yet another reason why so many, including medical professionals, are unwilling to investigate the possibilities (or even consider them). Society demands knowledge – and while science cannot provide plausible theories that fit into our current thinking models, there will be no mainstream acceptance.

This is somewhat unfortunate, because even in ‘proper’ medicine, we often do not really know how prescription drugs work. Having models or theories of how/why these drugs work allows us to pretend we know, but ultimately, models are just that: attempts at explaining how something works. This does, however, not necessarily mean models represent the truth.

A Different Perspective

We can, in my experience and opinion, only attempt to explain remote healing by leaving our egoic minds and turning instead to our spiritual minds. The mystery cannot be solved through the separated eyes of mind and body, because the driving force behind distance healing is a specific state of consciousness.

We must therefore bring this different, specific state of consciousness into our equation: the all-encompassing consciousness used in remote healing, the consciousness that perceives and sees itself as a single, inter-connected ‘being’ rather than as separate.

When trying to understand this concept (which only remains a concept until you have experienced it fully), the question why (and how) distant healing works becomes easier to answer: we now know that because we are all connected into one single being, space and time do not exist – and that single ‘specks of consciousness’ can affect others easily (there are, in reality, no ‘others’).

Or, as physicists Russell Targ and Elizabeth A. Rauscher put it (paraphrased to avoid copyright issues): “The phenomenon of distant healing is not a result of energetic transmission but our awareness’ interaction with the hyper-dimensional, non-local space-time continuum we live in.4

We are now at a point where the ‘old’ models we used to make sense of the world are no longer adequate. No, I am not suggesting we should throw these models out completely – I am merely saying that we should leave some room to allow in the new.

Request Healing

We know remote healing works, and while it may take some time before we fully understand how it works, we can use it here and now to benefit not only humanity, but all living beings – which is why I am offering free remote healing for both your human and non-human (i.e. pets) family and friends. You can learn more about this service and submit a healing request here.


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Tony Hyland