What is Reincarnation and Can Past Life Memory Affect Your Present Life?

What is Reincarnation and Can Past Life Memory Affect Your Present Life?

The concept of reincarnation has occupied the minds of humanity for millennia – but exactly what is reincarnation? Is there any proof of reincarnation and, if so, can past life memory affect your present life? Read on to find out…

What is Reincarnation?

Generally considered a religious or philosophical concept, reincarnation is the belief that after a living being’s biological death the being’s non-physical essence (consciousness, soul or mind) starts life anew within a new body or different physical form.

Part of the Saṃsāra cyclic existence doctrine, reincarnation – which is often also called transmigration or rebirth – is a central principle of many Indian belief systems, including Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism and Hinduism (although some Hindu groups believe in an afterlife, rather than reincarnation).

A belief held by many historic Greek figures like, for instance, Plato, Pythagoras and Socrates, as well as by the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Aztecs, it is also commonly found in varying modern and ancient religions including Eckankar, Spiritism and Theosophy, as well as among Australian, South American and diverse other tribal societies all over the world.

Is There Proof of Reincarnation?

Although many scientists disregard the idea of reincarnation as fantasy or myth, some credible experts do believe that the concept is feasible. One of these experts, Dr Ian Stevenson (1918- 2007), a former UVA* School of Medicine Professor of Psychiatry and former Dept. of Psychiatry & Neurology chair, dedicated most of his working career to discovering evidence of reincarnation. (*University of Virginia).

Having conducted and shared a diversity of studies on the subject with the scientific community, Dr Stevenson claimed to have discovered more than 3,000 sample cases of reincarnation.

In one of his studies, Dr Stevenson investigated 210 cases of children claiming to remember past lives. Having studied birthmarks/defects while simultaneously using facial recognition to evaluate similarities between these children and their alleged previous incarnations, he wrote in his paper on the study that:

  • In approximately 35% of the cases, claimants had birthmarks/defects attributed by them or adult informants to wounds on the individuals whose lives the children remembered

  • Birthmarks were typically areas of puckered, hairless skin with either hypo-pigmented macules (little to no pigmentation) or hyper-pigmented nevi (increased pigmentation)

  • Birth defects were almost always of a rare type

  • In cases where individuals were identified and details of their lives unmistakably matched children’s statements, almost always a close correspondence between the children’s birthmarks/defects and wounds on the respective deceased individuals was found

  • In 43 out of 49 cases where medical documents (usually post mortem reports) were obtained, the correspondence between birthmarks/defects and wounds was confirmed.

In another study, three children claiming to remember previous lives’ aspects were interviewed by Dr Stevenson. Each child made 30 to 40 statements concerning memories they had not experienced themselves. Verification proved up to 92% of the statements to be correct.

In his Scientific Exploration article on the study, Dr Stevenson stated that:

  • In all cases, it was possible to find families with lost members whose lives corresponded to the children’s statements

  • The children’s statements were, considered collectively, sufficiently specific to rule out correspondence with any other person’s life

He concluded the article with the statement that he and his fellow researchers believed they had ruled out the possibility of the children receiving the correct information about the deceased individuals via normal transmission and that said information was obtained via some paranormal process.

So, is Reincarnation Real?

Between Dr Stevenson’s work, the work of many other eminent scientists around the world and a multitude of well-documented reincarnation stories (see links below for examples), there certainly does appear to be a great deal of evidence suggesting that reincarnation is indeed a very real – and apparently quite common – phenomenon.

What’s more, many ‘ordinary’ people around the world have discovered through psychic readings that their present lives were both informed and influenced by the experiences they have had in their previous lives.[/vc_column_text]

How a Past Life Memory Might Affect Your Current Life

There are many ways in which past life memories may inform and influence your current life – and here are some of them:

Calling – Are you extremely passionate about something? Do you appear to have an outstanding natural talent? Souls sometimes have a very strong calling that exerts itself repeatedly over multiple lifetimes. If, for instance, you have an exceptional talent and desire to paint, you may well have been an artist in a prior life.

Favourite Activities – Do you love to write, cook or knit? Do you love caring for animals, children, the sick? Does teaching, riding on horseback or swimming fill you with joy? Whatever you enjoy doing most, there is a good chance that you were also drawn to this activity in previous incarnations.

Relationships – You, like all of us, have a soul family, and members of soul families will frequently incarnate together over many lifetimes. Take a moment to quietly ask yourself who among your family members or close friends may be part of your soul family. Some of the answers may surprise you – maybe the face of a passing acquaintance or your boss’ name will pop up, or you may start thinking of someone you hadn’t seen for years…

This also applies to romantic relationships. How often have you heard someone who has just met a potential new partner say that they have “never felt like this around anybody else before”?

If energy and passion; sparks and tingles are way off the charts for you when you meet someone new, chances are the two of you had a romance or other strong connection in a past life or two.

This does, however, not necessarily mean you are meant to be together or things will work out for you in this life – so do make sure to base any relationship with them on your compatibility in this life.

Favourite Places – Do you have a favourite place or country? Do the history, culture and people of a ‘faraway land’ fascinate you? It is possible that this place or country may have been your home in a previous life. If you, for instance, grew up by the sea but feel free and at peace in a forest, you may have lived in a forest in a past incarnation.

Daydreams – Do you daydream about being an ancient warrior, princess or mystic; scientist, inventor or scholar? You may have assumed these roles before. If a specific daydream keeps recurring, try working at least some aspect of it into your life: if you, for instance, fantasise about being a musician, consider learning to play an instrument, or if you dream about being a sculptor, take a sculpting or pottery class.

Blockages/Feelings of Being Stuck – There are times in all our lives when we feel as though we are stuck in a pit of tar through no fault of our own – but what about those aspects of life we do have control over, like, for instance, the self-sabotaging patterns concerning our relationships, health, work and finances we have established in previous lives?

Past lives’ vows of celibacy or poverty could, for instance, stop you pursuing romance or money today. Traumatic experiences in a former life could cause you to be a pessimist, overly wary or cautious today, and if you were treated badly in an earlier life, you may tend to settle for far less than you deserve in this one. A traumatic past life memory could also be the cause of nightmares or phobias you have in this one.

Psychic Readings and Past Lives

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