What is Clairsentience, what is Clairempathy & what is the Difference Between Them?

What is Clairsentience, what is Clairempathy & what is the Difference Between Them?

If you have ever wondered “What is Clairsentience, what is clairempathy and what is the difference between them?”, read on to learn everything there is to know about clairsentience vs. clairempathy.

What is Clairsentience?

I have discussed clairsentience in detail in a previous post (“Psychic Abilities: Clairsentience”), but here is a brief recap on what it is:

Clairsentience is an individual’s ability to obtain intuitive insights by way of physically feeling (as opposed to merely “sensing”) energy.

In other words, a clairsentient can feel if “something is not quite right” (the proverbial “gut-feeling”), other people’s ailments, injuries or emotions (jealousy, fear, pain, hatred, insecurity, etc.) and the emotional and physical pain of places that have been the scene of tragic events (i.e. wars, natural disasters, accidents, and so on).

A clairsentient may, for instance, get a headache or an upset stomach if another person is troubled by fear, insecurity or nearby negative entities.

What is Clairempathy?

Clairempathy, on the other hand, is the perception, or awareness, of emotional energy. In other words, an empath senses (is aware of) other people’s thoughts, emotions and symptoms, but does not necessarily feel them physically.

If you are a Star Trek (Next Generation) fan, you will know of Deanna Troy, the “ship’s counsellor”, who could sense the emotions of others – and is an excellent example of clairempathy.

An empath (clairempath) can walk into a room and immediately “know” if another person present is in physical or emotional pain; they can enter an environment where an argument has taken place and sense the residual hurt and anger from that argument, and they can sense the fear, horror and/or pain of a place where a tragic event, disaster or atrocity occurred.

One example of such an experience was had by an empath who, as a young woman, visited a former concentration camp in Belsen, Germany with a group of friends.

Having collectively responded to notices outside the camp telling visitors to take note of the fact that they would neither hear nor see birds, insects or other animals within the compound  with an admittedly rather disrespectful “Yeah, right…” attitude (partly because it was a beautiful summer’s day with insects buzzing and birds singing all over the place), the group entered the camp for their guided tour.

What greeted them the moment they went through the gate was total silence and a sense of darkness and oppression even the non-empathic members of the group could feel – and the young empath was “hit” by a wave of horror, pain and death that, rather than receding, quickly became so overwhelming that she had to leave the compound before finishing the tour.

This experience affected the young woman (who had previously simply regarded her ability to sense other people’s feelings as “something she just had to live with”) for days after and made her realise the importance of effectively managing her empathic nature and shielding herself against what is often referred to among empaths as “energetic overload”.

The constant “influx” of emotions (and especially strong ones) can, unless managed, have a significant detrimental impact on an empath’s well-being. Any experienced empath will therefore tell you that it is imperative to maintain your spiritual boundaries (i.e. shield yourself against excessive “incoming” energy), clear unwanted negative energies from your auric field and replenish your own, positive energy.

Clairsentience vs. Clairempathy

So, what is the difference between clairsentience and clairempathy? In a nutshell, clairsentience is the ability to not only sense but physically feel energy, whereas clairempathy is the ability to sense (be aware of) energy without necessarily feeling it physically.

Both are gifts that allow psychic readers to discern a situation’s underlying energies and feelings, which is, of course, helpful in determining the right answers and solutions to clients’ questions and problems.

If, for example, a relationship problem is caused by a partner’s underlying mistrust/jealousy, it can ultimately be solved by gaining their trust and/or finding a way to show them that their jealousy is unfounded.

A psychic phone reading with myself or a member of my team will not only reveal this but can also give you the advice and guidance you need to achieve this – or indeed give you the answers, advice and guidance to any other question or problem you may have.

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