Tasseography: Reading Tea Leaves

Tasseography: Reading Tea Leaves

There’s nothing quite as soothing as sitting down to enjoy a nice hot cup of tea. For many people around the world it’s something of a ritual – a way to start the morning, to calm and centre yourself after a long day, or to give yourself a chance to catch up with your friends. However, for psychics there’s also often something more to the humble cuppa – made in the right way, it can be used for psychic readings and divination.

Reading the tea leaves – or tasseography, to give it the proper name – evolved from more ancient forms of divination which read the shapes made by melting wax, lead or other substances.

The most important thing to remember if you wish to try it yourself is that you need to make your cuppa with loose leaf tea – the modern teabag has its advantages, but on this front it doesn’t help at all! You will also need a proper teacup – not a mug – and a saucer. Most tea-readers prefer a plain white cup, although there are some kinds of cup which are printed with guides to assist in the interpretation.

The next step is the fun part – you drink the tea. If you are reading for somebody else, then they should drink it – if they don’t drink tea, you can achieve similar results with coffee grounds, or simply have them hold the cup for a while before pouring it away, although this is a dreadful waste of good tea! While you drink the tea (or hold the cup) you should focus on any particular questions that you wish to be answered, or any particular circumstances on which you are seeking clarity.

When you reach the dregs of your tea, you should swirl the remaining liquid around the cup a few times then tip it over to drain out into the saucer. You can then turn it upright and interpret the shapes that the leaves form. Some common shapes that may be seen include:

  • Shamrock – Good luck, or a wish coming true
  • Birds flying – Good news
  • Dog – A loyal friend or relative
  • Basket – Harvest, abundance, perhaps a new baby
  • Boat – A worthwhile journey
  • Heart – Love or romance
  • Star – Success or recognition

The cup is read from the rim beside the handle in a spiral pattern; the starting point represents the present, and as you go down into the cup the symbols represent aspects of the future.

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