Superstition and the Black Cat

Superstition and the Black Cat

If you have a knowledge of folklore, you’ll be aware that black cats have played a major role in myths, legends and tales for centuries throughout many different countries and cultures. During the middle ages in Britain, black cats were known as witches’ familiars; some even believed that witches could transform themselves into these feline creatures. Today many people are still superstitious about black cats and witchcraft isn’t the only thing that they are associated with…

Lucky or Unlucky?

Depending on the part of the world in which you live, black cats can be considered to be either lucky or unlucky. Throughout Asia and here in the UK, the black cat is actually believed to be a sign of luck, however, in certain parts of the UK, for example, Yorkshire, it is incredibly unlucky to have a black cat cross your path. In North America, the black cat is believed to be a sign of ill luck – especially if it crosses your path and stares at you.

Black Cat Beliefs

According to folklore, if a black cat appears at a funeral it is considered to be bad omen, as it is a sign that another family death is forecast for the near future. However, finding a white hair on a cat indicates good luck and prosperity, but don’t pluck it off as this could have the reverse effect!

The black cat is believed to be both a good omen and an evil one, depending on where you live and what cultural references you believe. But be extra careful when you see a black cat!

It was believed that dreaming of black cats is supposed to mean that you are scared to use your psychic powers  and abilities, which is why superstitions is something that psychics like me and my talented team find incredibly fascinating. Whether you are superstitious or not, there is always a slight element of truth in there to inspire the legend!

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