How does a Pet Psychic work?

How does a Pet Psychic work?

How does a Pet Psychic work?

You may not know this, but I don’t just work with people, many of my clients utilise my skills for detail on their own pets. This can include just ‘checking in’ with the pet, to give clarity on their wellbeing, both physical and mental.

There are also times when an owner has to deal with the loss of their beloved pet, when they have deceased. I have helped many people through this grieving process by communicating with the spirit of the deceased animal and provided messages back and forth. Clearly, this allows for greater and quicker closure.

Another service is turning pet detective… Don’t worry, I do not do an ‘Ace Ventura’ – now there’s a thought… What I mean is I use my psychic abilities to help locate an animal that has gotten lost. Helping owners to reunite with a lost pet is one of my most favourite things to do.

So how does a Pet Psychic work?

This may come as a shock, but I believe that every single one of us communicates with animals telepathically. You may have seen this in action – sometimes your dog is bounding about the house, seconds after you have just thought about going for a walk together. Nothing was said, no gesture was made, but your dog’s behaviour changed from the moment you thought about ‘walkies’.

Having a greater command of my own telepathic skills, I am able to tune in and converse spiritually with an animal. By speaking the name of the animal telepathically, I can get their attention. I obviously cannot speak ‘dog’, ‘cat’ or any other animal language but I do not need to, to learn from the animal in question.

I sometimes use virtual psychic imagery to communicate, and gauge reactions from animals. Sometimes owners have noticed a change in an animal’s behaviour. I have helped quite a few dog owners with pets that have become aggressive. By tuning in and finding the source of the aggression, the owners have managed to remove or reduce the source which has had the desired effect on the dog’s behaviour.

Pet Psychic AKA Animal Communicator

Perhaps a more common term and one that labels this skillset more precisely is ‘animal communicator’. By using imagery, sounds, smells and body language there can be a high level of communication between the animal and me. It’s a case of translating these messages into the best version of our own language, which I then pass onto my clients.

I can do this in a number of ways. You can call me on the number above where I can then start the communication process with your animal, or ask questions via email. I will then deliver your answers via a psychic email reading, in PDF format.

Psychic Healing for Animals

Once I have connected with an animal, I will run a ‘psychic scan’ to check for any ailments. An owner may also have contacted me, giving me specific details of a poorly animal. I offer a free distance healing for animals service where I channel my psychic powers to the animal in question, assisting in the healing process.

Although I do not charge for this, contributions may be made and are greatly appreciated. If I’m honest, my distance healing sessions do take a lot of effort but, for me, it is well worth it – I am guessing the recipients feel the same too!

If you would like to add your pet (or human, I distance heal them too) to my healing list, you can do so here.

Tony Hyland