How to shield yourself from negative energy

How to shield yourself from negative energy

Shielding yourself from negative energy holds great benefit for your emotional and physical health.

Thoughts and feelings you experience fill your energy field and aura with energy. Intense emotions like anger, sadness or grief create negative energy as do persistant negative thoughts.

The energy you fill your aura with can be passed to people around you and the energy of people you encounter can influence your own energy. If you are exposed to negative energy it can drain your own positive energy and lead to an increase in negative feelings and thoughts.

Too much exposure to negative energy can be unhealthy and can manifest as physical conditions or illnesses.

Thankfully you can use energetic defences to protect yourself so that the negative energies of others do not negatively influence your energy field.

The following are ways you can use to shield yourself from negative energy.

Close Your Aura

You can close your aura to outside influence by practising pulling your body’s energy field in close to you. When you relax, your energetic field spreads far beyond your physical body. You can prevent negative energy from attaching itself to you by bringing your aura in closer to yourself.

Be Aware of the Energetic Environment

Be aware of the energy of the environments you are spending your time in. You should aim to minimise the time spent in places with negative energy or around people who project negative energy. You can easily pick up negative energy when working in a stressful environment or by surrounding yourself with negative friendship groups. These types of environments often cause the people in them to generate a lot of negative energy. Some places like bars are well known as environments that are often filled with people who transmit negative energy. Be aware of how much time you spend in these situations and when you are in these environments, shield yourself.

Practice Non-Reaction

If you find yourself in an situation where there is a lot of negative energy, such as a confrontation or argument, try not to react in the same way. Instead try to stay calm and think positively. When you react to the negative energy with more negative energy you are creating a toxic aura. If you are able to stay calm and detach yourself from the situation your energy field will repel the negative energy because you are remaining either neutral or positive. By staying calm you can also deescalate the situation, reducing the negative energy of the other person, so you can have a positive effect on them too.

Exercise and Meditation

It is well known that exercise helps with physical fitness but it also helps with the health of your energy. When you exercise the combination of movement, oxygen intake and increased circulation helps to expel negative energy from your body and improve the circulation of positive energy. This makes the aura stronger and more resilient. Meditation allows you to absorb large amounts of energy into your body. Stronger auras are more effective at shielding you from negative energy.

Distance Healing

Receiving distance healing is a great way to shed any negative energy. You can request our distance healing service which is a form of spiritual healing which can be offered even when the recipient is not present.

Distance Healing can be performed on yourself or a person your request, or even a pet. My distance healing service is also free of charge, with the option of donation instead.

Tony Hyland