Feathers & Their Spiritual Symbolism

Feathers & Their Spiritual Symbolism

Imagine that you are walking along your street and you suddenly notice a feather fall near you… yet there is no bird to be seen. It’s a surprisingly common experience, and whilst it’s one that many people will disregard, for others it is a certain sign that your guardian angel is nearby – especially if the feather is white.

The belief is, of course, that the white feather falls from the wings of the angel watching over you, and this is a source of comfort for many who have had such an experience.

Feathers also have other meanings; they are found in the myths and legends of many different cultures. They are often associated with ascension and the evolution of the spirit to a higher plane. This may be connected to the feathered wings of the angels, who are naturally on a higher plane than the mortal world.

The elaborate feathered headdresses of the Native American chiefs were a symbol of their communication with Spirit, a way to express their celestial wisdom, and in some tribes feathers were important symbols of their gods.

In Egyptian mythology, the hearts of the dead – thought to be part of the soul – were weighed against the feather of the goddess Ma’at; if found to be lighter or equal in weight, the soul was virtuous and could proceed to Aaru, the heavenly paradise. If the heart was found to be heavier than the feather, it was weighed down with sin; it would be devoured by the demon Ammit and the soul would be restless forever.

In Christian traditions, feathers have often been used to represent virtues – it was once common to see an image of three feathers symbolising Charity, Hope and Faith used as a signet ring to seal documents.

In modern times, the white feather has held other meanings; during the First World War, white feathers were presented to men who were not wearing a uniform, intended as a symbol of cowardice to shame them into enlisting. Interestingly, for Americans during the Vietnam War, it became the opposite – a symbol of courage, worn on the hat to taunt the enemy by providing an insultingly easy target.

Other types of feather have their own distinct meanings; peacocks, for example, are regarded as lucky birds to have around – but their feathers are associated with the evil eye, and bringing them into the home is frequently said to be distinctly unlucky.

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