Déjà Vu – Have We Been Here Before?

Déjà Vu – Have We Been Here Before?

Déjà vu – the strong sensation that we have experienced a particular sensation before – is something that almost all of us have experienced at one time or another. The name comes from the French for “already seen” and was coined by the psychic researcher Émile Boirac in the early twentieth century.

Scientists explain déjà vu in a variety of ways, including the idea that the processes of committing a situation to short-term memory and to long-term memory can overlap, creating a false sense of familiarity. It has also been connected to brain disorders, although studies have shown that between 31 and 96% of the population has experienced déjà vu at one time and it is common in healthy individuals.

Some clairvoyants, however, hold a different view – that a feeling of déjà vu really does mean that you have experienced this situation (or one very like it) before, simply not in this life. If you visit a house that you know you have never set foot in before, but experience such a strong sense of déjà vu that it seems completely familiar to you, then it is possible that you visited that very house in a past life, and that some of those memories are filtering through to your current consciousness.

Another theory revolves around the concept of parallel universes; the idea here being that for each and every decision you make, there is a parallel world where you made a different choice, resulting in an almost infinite number of alternate realities. Déjà vu then occurs when one of those parallel realities overlaps with yours just for a moment – when your different decisions have brought you momentarily to the same point. The reason it seems so familiar is that you are experiencing the same things as an alternate version of you.

Whichever theory you believe, déjà vu is a fascinating phenomenon, and a perfect demonstration of the fact that science does not yet understand everything about the human mind.

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