Can a Twin Flame cheat on You?

Can a Twin Flame cheat on You?

If you are unsure of what a Twin Flame is, please read my previous blog ‘What is a Twin Flame?’. Your Twin Flame is basically your spiritual twin – you may think that would lead to a harmonious relationship, but you would be wrong!

Twin Flame relationships force the pair to question their life journey, to re-evaluate their goals and to accept no compromise. That said, Twin Flame relationships can offer the absolute pinnacle of love.

But Can They Cheat?

For some, there are varying definitions of cheating. If sex is not involved, but maybe kissing – or even flirting – does it count? This is something that only an individual person could clarify, my own sentiments here do not count for anything, I guess.

It’s worth considering the type of relationship currently – are you in a relationship with your twin flame? Are you on a break? These factors will all count as far as determining if any cheating has occurred – and of course, you both have to be on the same page here. As always with relationships, communications are key.

A twin flame is your missing piece of the jigsaw, it’s what will make you complete. Although this is normally an unbreakable bond, sometimes relationships with your twin flame may break down, although this is very rare. It is worth noting that twin flames do not always come together for many lifetimes, but only when the souls are ready to be rejoined.

If the two souls are not yet ready for this reunion, then there is the possibility of an affair.

As mentioned, twin flames are very similar to each other, essentially one soul that has split into two. If there is a romantic link already established but has happened too soon, then there could be some friction as the energies are pushing and pulling in different directions.

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Tony Hyland