What Birthstones Mean To You: Part 2/3

What Birthstones Mean To You: Part 2/3

Birthstones, and their spiritual significance, have fascinated civilisations across the world for centuries. This is the second in a three-part series of blogs that should help you in your attempts to increase your wellbeing, through the proper application of gemstones.


22nd May – 21st June


Prone to high levels of nervous energy, Geminis are always on the go. On the plus, side, this gives a Gemini an inate ability to multi-task and, as such, the correct application of green tourmaline can turn the energy associated with mental stress into a force for good.

Geminis are adaptable souls and may find themselves more easily able to act responsively, no matter the circumstances that they are faced with.

Some say, interestingly, that Geminis should have regular contact with the stone of truth, apophylite, which will override natural tendencies towards deviousness.


22nd June – 22nd July


Ruled by the moon, Cancerians are incredibly prone to mood swings. If you are born under this sign, wearing a moonstone will keep you on an even keel. The stone should stimulate inward reflection, helping you to harness you instincts and apply them to practical situations.

Moonstone will help you to keep your nearest and dearest close. Feelings of unconditional love will become abundant in both yourself and those around you.

Be sure not to overdo it, by wearing the stone at full moon though.


23rd July – 23rd August

Tiger’s Eye

Leo’s are regarded as flamboyant attention-seekers. The striking orange and black patterns of the Tiger’s Eye stone will appeal to a Leo’s sense of personal expression. Indeed, Leo’s are drawn towards a variety of golden stone. Citrine is known to energise a Leo. Kunzite will aid in humility. Topaz will mend a bruised ego

Leo’s are well-known for positive leadership qualities, and are bright sunny people, unless their pride is challenged.


24th August – 22nd September


Virgos value virtue. Sardonyx has long been a stone that resonates with credible, trustworthy energies.

This stone will help Virgo to find the sustainable relationships that they crave. It is said that Virgos never stop looking for perfection. Amber can help them to connect with the energies of their friends and families, accepting their failings and finding communal harmony.

Virgo qualities of stringent analysis and critical thinking can either manifest themselves as creative or destructive forces, and will need to be properly managed.

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