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WOW what can i say other than it was so accurate!

Customer Name: Annemarie
i recently had an email reading from tony, WOW what can i say other than it was so accurate! the things he picked up on,i have never had such a detailed reading like this before. he has such a caring manner about him, and is certainly a true psychic.he has made me feel so much better by giving me peace of mind. thankyou so much tony! now i know who to turn to when im in need of some guidance..annemarie 🙂

His email readings have also been profound and spookily incisive.

Customer Name: F, Surrey
I really like the new website and the videos of Tony with long hair! Tony is always friendly,understanding and approachable and at the same time always totally professional.I’ve been using him on and off for years now, mainly his texting services which have been uncannily accurate, especially in the here and now. His email readings have also been profound and spookily incisive. I would trust him to point me in the right direction and I have even learnt from him how to trust my own intuition.

This was without a doubt the most accurate reading I’ve ever had.

Customer Name: Golnaz Alibagi (Deputy editor Soul & Spirit magazine)
Although I must admit I was quite sceptical about the whole thing to begin with and certainly didn’t expect it to be so specific, this was without a doubt the most accurate reading I’ve ever had. The minute we started speaking, Tony asked me if I’d been thinking of writing a book – something I’ve wanted to do all my life, and was actually speaking to one of my closest friends about the week before; not only that, but he managed to specify one of the areas I’d recently considered writing about and said I’d eventually get not one, but three books published – much to my delight – and would end up speaking in front of audiences Louise Hay- style, which I’d love to do one day (although I’d never actually thought about it until he brought it up!) He also picked up on the fact that I have a deep affinity with nature, am far more interested in the things I acquire spiritually, than the ones I do materially, and tend to heal those around me by listening to their worries and being there for them as much as I can when they need some words of encouragement or someone to talk to. He also highlighted the insecurities I’ve had about myself and my appearance in the past and, fortunately, predicted I’d soon let them all go. Amazingly, I’ve felt really great ever since and, although I try not to take these things too seriously, if even 10 per cent of what he predicted comes true, I’ll be a very lucky girl indeed!

Just blown away by talking to Tony.

Customer Name: Karen
Just blown away by talking to Tony. Very honest, clarified feelings I’ve had for years. Think I know where “James” may be coming from and it’s scary because if it’s what I think it is, it ties in with a very strong flash I had a last year about someone. What we talked about links in strongly with my feeling of moving along in life – that I’m not mad for feeling what I do about things and not on the wrong track. Crikey. Will talk again. And see what comes to pass. Karen.

Tony was jaw droppingly accurate

Customer Name: Luciana
I have just had a reading with Tony. As soon as he started the reading …. he was absoulute spot on. Tony was jaw droppingly accurate with my sitution. It was like hearing someone unravel the points of my life that are only known to me. His descriptions of people and events was so detailed. I found him sensitive and completly non judgemental. He was in short amasing !! He was in short amasing !! I will definatly be calling him again for timely advice and guidance.

A Validation of Tony’s Gifts

Customer Name: L L
I have been a repeat customer of Tony’s email readings which provide a unique opportunity many less astute and perhaps honestly intuitive psychics don’t even offer. I tend to think he offers such an in-depth product because Tony is the real deal and he trusts his own spiritual gift. We even tracked back to his previous email readings as I looked for validation of how the issues were actually resolving as he predicted. I have found his readings to be not only helpful but trustworthy. I made some very important choices based on the readings and they proved to be most wise ~ as is he.
~ L.L.

He has made even my skeptic husband a believer

Customer Name: Heather D
I have been speaking to Tony Hyland for the past 5 years. Tony has become more of a part of my life and friend to me then just some psychic hotline. He is truly gifted and has abilities that I cannot begin to understand, but I just know that it is the real deal and he amazes me each and every time we speak. He has made even my skeptic husband a believer, when we have a question about any situation my husband is now the first one to say “Call Tony”… Tony had told me not to leave my job a few years ago since I would need maternity leave soon as I would be getting pregnant. I was not even trying to, but the next month I was pregnant! He has helped me keep my sanity throughout a bitter lawsuit and told me what was going to happen at each court hearing, everything Tony said happened…down to the wording on an expert report..!!! It does not get any better then Tony, I will be calling him for as long as he is able to talk, not sure I could live without Tony at this point!! 😉

Tony has helped me a lot

Customer Name: Tracy
It is amazing really! Contact came from one of the people I asked Tony about. He is brilliant!

Tony has helped me a lot. Things have become a lot clearer; he is not just a psychic, but a caring one too, so I now know where to turn in future. Even when time does go by and I begin to wonder if I will ever be in contact with her again, I will ask Tony as he has always been spot on with his answers so Thank you Tony, love God bless.

I wouldn’t make a move without you

Customer Name: P
Thank you for my recent email reading. I read it with heartfelt patience and empathy for him. I read it over and over. It seems the best thing I can do now is give him the space he needs to figure out where his life is going and to get it under control.

Tony, you are an amazing man when it comes to tuning in to others, and I will ALWAYS turn to you to help me sort out my life/love/friendship problems. I wouldn’t make a move without you! Pray for me.

Thank you so much

Customer Name: Melinda
Thank you so much for my email reading. I asked 3 questions and I feel that you really provided me with detailed information that feels right. You were dead on with details and I feel you very gifted. Thanks so much!


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