Signs of the Zodiac 2

Signs of the Zodiac 2


22 August – 22 September

Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac, and is considered to be the analytical core for all of the signs, with Virgo’s possessing attributes like being loyal and hardworking. With this latest blog, the characteristics and attributes of the Virgo horoscope are revealed.

Alongside their intellectual mindset, Virgo ‘s are represented by the Virgin, not as a literal representative but instead reflecting more on the femininity and care giving side of a person.

A Virgoan is more likely to take a moment to contemplate their actions and the impact that they may have, as opposed to rushing in and taking charge. Although they are naturally attracted to power, they are more inclined to take a sideline role such as a loyal assistant and friend.

The birthstone for a Virgo is a Sardonyx, a stone generally considered to help funnel positive energies and help attain sustainability within life. The Virgoans are described as constantly searching for perfection, and both the creative and destructive elements of their personality can be balanced further through the use of this birthstone.

In addition to being a perfectionist, other weaknesses in a Virgoan’s characteristics often include working too hard, over analysing and worrying over the unnecessary. They dislike the company of the rude and find it difficult to ask for help when in need.

The constellation of Virgo has further connotations with femininity and fertility, often seen as depicting the virgin herself and other young maidens who emulate purity and contemplation.

Earth is Virgo’s element, which makes them the ideal partner with animals and nature, with Virgoans often seeking the comfort of a close pet and well loved garden.

Virgoans require reassurance of their importance within a relationship, preferring to have fewer but stronger relationships where they feel irreplaceable. They like to feel dedicated and grounded in a relationship, where becoming a soul mate means absolute devotion to one another.

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