The Spiritual Meaning of Fire

The Spiritual Meaning of Fire

Fire has long played an important part in many faiths; from the Beltane and May Day fires to candles lit in churches for remembrance. It appears in symbols, myths and legends. In short, it has always been important to mankind.

The Four Elements

Collage of the four classical elements

Fire is, of course, one of the four traditional elements, alongside Earth, Air and Water, symbolising the balance of all things. These elements are still used today in many ways. In astrology the Fire signs are, of course, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. In the traditional Tarot deck, each suit is said to represent one of the elements, with Fire usually represented by the suit of Wands or Batons.

The Theft of Fire

Many cultures speak of the origin of fire in their myths and legends; interestingly, it is often a stolen gift. In Greek mythology, the titan Prometheus stole fire from the gods to bestow it upon humanity. In the myths of the various Native American tribes, fire is variously stolen from a volcano by Crow (some Yukon tribes), stolen from Weasels by Rabbit (Creek), or from an old man and his daughters by Rabbit (Algonquin).

Fire Festivals

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Fire played an important part in many ancient Pagan celebrations, and continues to do so today. At Beltane, fires are a common sight, and in many places you will still find the tradition of leaping the fire as it burns low for good fortune. Similarly, fires are common at the opposite point of the year – Samhain, or Hallowe’en, when the tradition was for all fires but one to be allowed to burn out, then all hearths re-lit from the ritual fire. Midsummer and Yule also have their own fiery traditions.

Fire as Symbol

Fire is often used a symbol for passion, love or intensity, and sometimes anger; we frequently talk of a “burning passion” or of doing things “in the heat of the moment”, or refer to a particularly attractive person as being “hot”.

Just as we use fire as a metaphor in everyday life, it can also be a spiritual sign, particularly if seen in a dream. Its exact meaning can, however, vary; from indicating that you need to find the passion in your life, to signifying a forthcoming transformation. If you are in need of insight, whether because of your dreams or simply because your path is unclear to you, you can call me or a member of my team to get a reading now.

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