The Magic of the Crystal Ball

The Magic of the Crystal Ball

The Magic of the Crystal Ball

The classic image of the gypsy fortune teller is of a dark, mysterious woman, peering into the depths of her crystal ball, perhaps making some gestures over it with long red fingernails… The reality, of course, is often quite different – but many psychics do indeed use a crystal ball to access their talents!

When a psychic gazes into a crystal ball, they are using the art of scrying; this is in effect a kind of light trance which uses a focus – in this case, the crystal ball – to allow images and visions to form. It can also be conducted with a dark coloured bowl filled with water, or with a mirror, but many say that the classic crystal ball is most effective. Although it is easier for natural and trained psychics, scrying can be tried by anyone with the right time, preparation and focus.

It is important to prepare your crystal ball properly before you begin scrying; it must be free of smudges, fingerprints or dust which may distract you during the process. Many also undertake a spiritual cleansing of their crystal ball, using incense or smudge sticks, dry sea salt, or the light of the sun or moon.

Before beginning a scrying session, you should also ensure that you have a suitable spiritual space; a peaceful, comfortable area where you will not be disturbed or distracted, and where you can dim the lights or work safely by candlelight. You may wish to spread a plain cloth over the area where your crystal ball stands, so that you aren’t distracted by surrounding images, and other crystals may be used to promote focus.

Once you are prepared, you will need to sit quietly, clear your mind and focus on the crystal ball. This is a form of meditation that leads you into a state of psychic openness. Thoughts will, no doubt, enter your mind – simply acknowledge them and put them aside. This stage can be very difficult, and beginners are advised to try only short sessions of up to fifteen minutes at first.

Eventually, when you reach the correct state of mind, you will begin to see a smoke, mist or fog form within the crystal ball. This may gradually pull back to reveal visions within the crystal, or you may at this moment close your eyes and see the visions with your inner eye.

The visions seen vary from psychic to psychic; some see only colours, which they interpret in a similar way to aura colours. Others see symbolic images which can be interpreted in the same way as dreams. A rare gifted few may see clear visions, but this takes some talent and is not especially common!

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