Resolutions and Divinations: The Turning of the Year

Resolutions and Divinations: The Turning of the Year

The changing of the year is a notable moment, and one which offers an opportunity to design or divine the year to come.

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New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is a popular time for making resolutions, often regarding how you plan to improve your life in the year to come. New diets, new gym memberships, a commitment to read more or spend more time with the family – all these promises and more are undertaken, but all too often forgotten almost straight away. The issue is often that, although the New Year provides the impetus to make a promise, it offers little in the way of a continued drive to keep it.

By looking at the movements of the stars, astrology can help you to choose a practical resolution and stick to it. For example, on the 2nd January, Mercury enters Aquarius, making that first week of the year an excellent time for learning new things; on the 8th, it transits into practical Capricorn, which can help you to focus on the task at hand. This transition, however, can also create pessimism – so I would expect this to be the time many resolutions get dropped as unrealistic!

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New Year’s Divinations


What happens in the year to come is not always in our control; much is left to fate. This means that this is a very popular time for divination.

One traditional custom is to light a white candle at midnight on New Year’s Eve and let the wax drip into cold water. The shape in which it solidifies can then be interpreted as an omen for the year to come. A similar divination method, for those who happen to keep chickens, is to take the first egg laid in the new year, prick it and allow the egg white to trickle into very hot water and solidify. In some countries, molten tin or lead is sometimes used, and special sets can be purchased for this very purpose.

A popular, and quite simple, divination for card readers at this time of year is the Wheel of the Year. After shuffling the cards and focusing on the year ahead, twelve cards are laid out in a circle, like the numbers on a clock face. Each card represents one month, and they are interpreted in the usual way to provide guidance for the year. Some versions of this divination include a thirteenth card in the centre of the circle, which offers insight into the year as a whole.

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Tony Hyland