Preparing for your psychic phone reading

Preparing for your psychic phone reading

Preparing for your psychic phone reading

If you are reading this, it’s fair to assume that you may be considering a phone reading from a psychic. You might be wondering how a psychic reading may work over the phone rather than in-person – this is totally warranted, but rest assured, a quality psychic will pick up on your vibrations and vocal energy. For me, this is all I need to deliver the perfect psychic phone reading.

Preparation is key…

First up, you need to research potential readers. Do you have any friends and family that can recommend? Alternatively, try to locate reviews of psychic ability for each reader. Any proven psychic will have these readily available to view at their website.

You should also go with your own intuition. If a reader ‘feels’ right, they probably will be a good match for you – trust your own instincts.

You should choose a reader that you feel comfortable with. Learn about their own life story if possible, as this will help you to relax during the reading. Your state of mind will be crucial to a readings’ overall success.

Plan Ahead

If you are looking for a psychic phone reading, you probably have questions that you would like answered. It is very useful to have these questions noted down before you start the call. This may sound obvious, but it is a worthwhile process.

The reading may run smooth and your reader may deliver these answers without questions being asked, but I would always recommend that you have questions written down. Imagine if you enjoy a good reading, but then realise you forgot to ask about a certain aspect?

If you don’t have any questions as such, but are just looking for guidance, it is worth considering what your life goals are right now. Again, write these down. There may be an opportunity to ask about specific goals such as your potential life partner – are they the right fit for you? It could even be a career based goal, or even a business target.

Commit to a specific time

This is potentially the most important tip to give you the optimum psychic phone reading experience. You need to think of the best time for the reading, a time where you can be relaxed and focussed.

Psychic phone readings should not be done on a whim. Good planning will reap dividends for you – trust me!

You might plan a reading last thing at night, at the end of the day. This could be an error as you may be too tired and emotionally drained from your daily tasks. I would recommend a quiet time, either early morning or afternoon. This will ensure you are bright and receptive to the reading and the energy I will be channelling.


With the time set, you need to allow some prep time. Find a quiet space and just sit. No phones or TVs or anything else that will attract your attention. If you can meditate for 10 minutes prior to the call, you will be in a focussed yet relaxed state – the perfect combination for a psychic phone reading.

Being tense or stressed will make it harder for your psychic reader to read you. Instead you should be feeling open and positive.

Take notes

A phone reading can be all absorbing, and sometimes you may forget specifics during the call, this is natural. If you can without affecting your state of mind, take some notes as the call goes on. Basic bullet points should be sufficient. Straight after the call, take time to add to the bullet points in more detail.

If this sounds a little tricky for you, you could consider an email psychic reading, where you can ask up to 3 questions. I will promptly deliver a detailed reading in the form of a PDF that you can always come back to.

I hope this helps you prepare for your reading. If you would like a psychic phone reading from one of the UK’s most respected psychics, I would be delighted to hear from you. You can call me at the number at the top of this page if you are ready – or book your reading for a suitable time here.

Tony Hyland