Phone a Psychic: Do Psychic Readings over the Phone Work?

Phone a Psychic: Do Psychic Readings over the Phone Work?

Psychic phone readings are very popular, more so now than ever before, as a matter of fact, but many people about to phone a psychic are sceptical about their accuracy. Do psychic readings over the phone work? Here’s what I think…

Why People Question the Accuracy of Psychic Phone Readings

I would like to point out here that most of those questioning whether psychic readings performed over the phone are individuals requesting Tarot, Angel or Oracle card readings.

It seems that while those asking to speak to a medium or clairvoyant can accept that face-to-face contact with their reader is not a necessity, those wishing to have card readings appear to feel differently.

I believe this is because they are used to (or have heard about) readers asking clients visiting them to shuffle the deck in question before commencing the reading.

As it is, it really makes no difference who shuffles the deck – face-to-face psychics typically merely ask their clients to do it to focus their attention (both the client’s and their own) on the reading and, of course, the question or questions at hand.

So, Do Psychic Readings over the Phone Work? Can they Indeed Be Accurate?

I certainly do believe psychic readings conducted over the phone not only work but can be extremely accurate and helpful – and the responses of some of my clients are living proof of this

I also believe that those choosing to phone a psychic can, in fact, expect even greater accuracy than those visiting a psychic. Here is why I believe this to be…

Why You Can Expect Greater Accuracy with a Phone Reading

I believe you can expect greater accuracy and get more out of reading when you phone a psychic because:

  • It is highly likely that you will be calling from home or somewhere else where you can speak freely and in perfect privacy. This will allow you to feel more relaxed than if you were sitting opposite a total stranger within an environment that is unfamiliar to you.

This in turn leaves you more open to psychic energy – allowing this energy to flow freely and consequently enabling your reader to achieve much greater accuracy.

  • When you are facing a psychic in person, you invariably “give away” a great deal of visual information that could influence said reader. To be perfectly honest, such visual information – from the clothes you wear to the way you carry yourself – could cause even the most accomplished and experienced reader to form impressions that could ultimately influence the reading you receive. This is, of course, not a problem with a phone reading, as your reader cannot see you.
  • Unless you are good at keeping a “poker face” or are an exceptionally good actress/actor, your eyes and facial expressions could also offer a face-to-face reader a multitude of potentially important clues. Your eyes may, for example, “light up” or your face may “drop” at the mention of relationships – which can speak volumes to anyone but especially a psychic “tuned in” to your energy. Again, this is not an issue when you speak to a psychic over the phone.

Phone a Psychic

So, what can a psychic reading over the phone do for you? It can answer your innermost questions; provide fresh perspectives and honest, helpful guidance, & advice and help you make better, more informed decisions.

Whatever your question/s, whatever your need, we are here to help, so call one of the numbers below to get a reading with me or one of my friendly and highly experienced team members now.

For UK callers, the number to call a member of my team is 0800 999 8831. Australia 1800 018 367, Canada 1866 766 9422, Ireland 0150 60693, USA 1855 864 9383, ROW +44 207 111 6115.

For UK callers, the number to call me is UK 0800 999 3831, Australia 1800 558 140, Canada 1866 403 3407, USA 1855 864 9382, Eire 015 060 692, Rest of the World +44 1749 860 777.

Tony Hyland