The Significance of the Leap Year

The Significance of the Leap Year

Next Monday is an extraordinary day – one that only happens every four years. I refer, of course, to the fact that it is the 29th February – the extra day in the Leap Year.

The Leap Year is a relatively modern invention; the Gregorian calendar which is almost universally used today is set to 365 days, but the astronomical year – the length of time the Earth takes to orbit the sun – is actually closer to 365 and a quarter. Over time, this meant that the calendar slipped out of synchronicity with the year as we experience it, and thus an extra day was added each four years. This leap day was customarily added in February, in order to keep the Easter celebration close to the Vernal Equinox, and is now enshrined as the 29th.

But what does the Leap Year signify on a more spiritual level?

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To some, it is considered unlucky – in Greece, it is especially unlucky for lovers, and many will wait in order to marry next year rather than risk marrying in an unlucky Leap Year, whilst in Scotland, farmers have long said that a Leap Year is not a good sheep year. In purely practical terms, there is a good reason for many to regard the extra day unfavourably – if you are paid a salary, then it’s generally based on a 365-day year- meaning you may be working on Monday for free.

Because it is an extra day in the year, it is also often thought to be slightly outside the normal rules; the most obvious example of this is the tradition which states that women be allowed to propose to men on this day. In Irish legend, this is sometimes said to have been the result of a bargain struck between St Patrick and St Brigid.

And gentlemen, should you be approached by a lady on Monday, be warned – in some parts, it is customary to require any gentleman who refuses a leap-day proposal to compensate the lady. This ranges from a monetary fine to fabric for a skirt, a silk gown, or twelve pairs of gloves, depending on where you may be in the world.

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Those born on February 29th face a unique problem – do you celebrate your birthday every year, or only once every four? Astrologically, the solution is simple – simply look at your chart for the Solar Return. This is the point at which the sun occupies exactly the same point in the sky as it did at the time of your birth, and that, therefore, is the anniversary of the event and therefore your birthday.

Those born on a Leap Day are often blessed with unique talents. As Pisceans, they will tend to be emotional and sensitive, and these talents are frequently expressed through the arts. Notable leaplings, as they are known, include the Italian composer Rossini, English actor Joss Ackland and American rapper Ja Rule.

For me and my team, however, it’s a day much like any other – so if you want to contact us for clairvoyant phone readings, or any other guidance, we’ll be here as usual!

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