Does a Tarot Reading Over the Phone Provide a Clear Outline of the Future?

Does a Tarot Reading Over the Phone Provide a Clear Outline of the Future?

Some of the readers in my team offer phone Tarot readings. Many of the callers requesting these readings ask whether a Tarot reading over the phone will give them a clearly defined look into the future.

The answer to this question is no, not really. Read on to find out what Tarot card readings really are…

Do Phone Tarot Readings Predict the Future?

Anyone who has ever had Tarot card readings in person or on the phone will testify to the fact that they can occasionally be either quite frightening or so positive that it seems like life is going to be “a piece of cake” any time soon.

What many do, however, fail to realise is that these readings should not be regarded as “hard and fast” predictions of what is to come but as representations of where a person is at the time of their reading and guides to where things may, depending on their own decisions, head in the weeks, months or perhaps even years to come.

In other words, phone Tarot readings are guides to possibilities – they will not tell you what WILL happen but what COULD happen.

Whatever “future” a tarot reading may predict, it will invariably be subject to change – change that can be brought about by the decisions you and others make over time.

It is also important to remember here that the meanings of Tarot cards are by no means literal but symbolic. That scary “Death” card, for example, does not mean you are about to meet your maker but indicates then end of something, followed by the beginning of something new. (learn more about this card here.)

So, what Do Tarot Card Readings Over the Phone Offer?

Tarot phone readings offer advice concerning your future based on both your current situation and your inner self.  They show you what may happen if you make a certain decision or opt to choose another direction. As such, they may either inspire change or encourage you to remain on the tough path you are currently on because this path could ultimately lead to success.

In a nutshell, a Tarot reading will guide you towards choices, but the future they may show you does not become reality unless you choose to make it so. The power to create and change the path your life takes lies within you and the choices you make.

Getting a Tarot Reading Over the Phone

Having a Tarot reading should therefore be approached bearing in mind that this is not a glimpse into a future set in stone but a guide to successfully navigating the future by either making changes or remaining on the “straight and narrow” if you already are on the road to success, however tough this path may be.

It should be approached in the knowledge that for it all to make sense, you must look inside and have confidence in yourself and the decisions you will make.

Approaching your reading with this understanding will allow you to take full advantage of the precious insights, advice and guidance it offers – and consequently make your future a better one. Are you ready to take charge of your future? Get a Tarot phone reading today…

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Tony Hyland