Psychic Medium Readings by Phone: How to Make Sure You Get Genuine Medium Phone Readings

Psychic Medium Readings by Phone: How to Make Sure You Get Genuine Medium Phone Readings

Widely offered across the Internet, psychic medium readings by phone are extremely popular. Sadly, not all so-called mediums offering these readings are as legitimate and honest as the members of my team – so here’s how to make sure the medium phone readings you get are genuine.

How to Get Genuine Psychic Medium Readings by Phone

The first step towards finding a genuine psychic medium is to do your research:

  • Ask friends or family members if they can recommend someone
  • Check out not only different mediums’ Websites but take the time to get some basic background information by searching the Internet for individual/business profiles
  • Read clients’ reviews/testimonials – again not just on the Website but also on other, independent sites like, for example, com,,, and so on.

Secondly, avoid anyone claiming to be infallible or have unusual, perhaps even super-human gifts.  Considering our skills, talents or gifts (whichever way you wish to describe our abilities) natural and something we have perfected over years of experience, my team and I will always be aware of the fact that we are only human and consequently happy to admit that mistakes can and occasionally will happen.

Thirdly, be wary of mediums asking you lots of questions and/or giving you vague answers to your questions. The purpose of a reading is for the medium to tell you things. If you are the one who must do all the talking, something is not right and there is a good chance that while such an individual appears knowledgeable and calm, they are in fact subtly probing you for the answers to your questions.

Bearing this latter point in mind, it is all too easy to tell a medium more than necessary when you are under great emotional strain, so do try to compose yourself and keep your emotions in check during your reading. If you cannot do this, it is better to wait until you have calmed down a little, because sadly, con artists won’t think twice about using your emotional turmoil to defraud you.

Finally, do not pay extortionate rates (especially for services that are questionable at best!) and do not let anyone persuade you to buy talismans, crystals, candles or other (probably unnecessary) supplemental products.

We strive to keep our prices reasonable (our rates have, in fact, stayed the same for the last 14 years) and we will certainly not try to sell you anything you do not need.

Affordable Medium Phone Readings Delivered with Honesty and Empathy

I am not a medium myself, but the mediums among my personally selected team are genuine, highly experienced people who will deliver your reading with honesty, empathy and without expecting you to provide your own answers.

Whatever your reason for wishing to consult a medium, they are here to help you – why not get in touch with one of them now?

For UK callers, the number to call a member of my team is 0800 999 8831. Australia 1800 018 367, Canada 1866 766 9422, Ireland 0150 60693, USA 1855 864 9383, ROW +44 207 111 6115.

Tony Hyland