Is my cat psychic?

Is my cat psychic?

Cats have long been considered to have psychic abilities and spiritual connections. It is well known that Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats and still today, many people claim that their cats display special psychic abilities.

The claims of the psychic ability of cats are vast and wide spread. Animal charity, Blue Cross, recently surveyed cat owners, of which 40% reported their cats as having displayed psychic powers.

Cats have been associated with all types of interesting phenonium such as predictions of future events, illness and natural disasters.

Additionally, some animal behaviourists agree with pet owners that cats may possess telepathic or clairvoyant abilities and can have a psychic bond with humans.

There is no denying that cats are mysterious, intelligent beings, as any cat owner will agree, but are cats psychic?

Interesting events have been reported throughout time in which cats have predicted future events. Cats have been able to prevent deaths and warn people of danger prior to it occurring.

In China, in 1975, the lives of 150,000 were saved by the prediction of an earthquake which allowed the people of Haicheng to evacuate in time. The seismologists who forecasted the earthquake explained that it was because of the strange behaviour cats were exhibiting in the area, that they realised an earthquake would occur.

There are endless reports of people being saved by their cats’ psychic abilities and predictions. Cats have warned people of dangerous accidents or deaths about to happen and alerted their owners to illnesses, pregnancies and danger, by acting peculiarly.

A particularly popular claim from cat owners, is that their cats are aware of when they will be returning home, even when there is no set time. One lady was able to prepare dinner every evening for when her daughter returned home despite her daughter working an irregular shift pattern, by the fact that her daughters’ cat would always start crying at the front door 20 minutes before she returned.

Other common claims are that cats can tell how their owners are feeling, providing comfort from pain or sadness for their owners, even if their owners have not externally shown their feelings.

Some feel that the special abilities cats possess is due to their enhanced senses. As with guide dogs, cats also alert owners to upcoming medical emergencies, which some say is likely due to smell and other such sensory stimuli.

Scientists have really struggled to study cats, especially in cognitive studies, as cats are so uncooperative with researchers – a fact that will probably not surprise most cat owners.

The lack of understanding about how the minds of cats work make it hard for scientists to know if their abilities are due to biological or spiritual causes. For many owners though, especially for those that witnessed extraordinary behaviour from their cats, feel it is obvious that cats have psychic ability.

Many cat owners do believe that their feline friends have a deep spiritual link to them. Cats seem to understand and have great insight into the minds and souls of their owners. So, if you think your cat may be psychic, you may be right.

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Tony Hyland