Other types of Divination

As I mentioned before, some psychics use different tools to assist them during psychic readings. Among these tools is the ancient art of reading the runes. About Runes The actual origin of runes is somewhat debated by historians. For our purpose here, it suffices to say that according to Norse legends, a set of 24 runes was revealed (in the shapes and combinations of stakes thrown to the ground) to a shaman by the name of Odin as he was hanging upside down from a tree. Often shown forming a circle, these runes form an alphabet (depending on traditions, the arrangement of the runic alphabet used may vary slightly in order and the exact shapes of runes). runes There are at least three ‘different’ runic alphabets, the Elder Futhark, the Anglo Saxon Futhark and the Uthark, which is supposed to show the true, original order of the runes. Depending on the tradition followed, each rune has a specific name and shape; potency (or power), key quality and meaning, as well as being associated with a specific:
  • Direction (east, south, west or north)
  • Tree
  • Time of day
  • Season
  • Set of dates (as a so-called birth rune)

There are many varied and different ways by which psychics & clairvoyants may exercise their talents; different cultures around the world have developed many different divination systems to help the talented peek into the beyond. Many divination systems use an element of random chance; the concept...

Dowsing is the practice of divination often used to locate underground sources of water or other hidden objects, and like many other forms of divination it has been practiced for many centuries. Traditionally, dowsing is conducted with either divining rods or pendulums. Divining rods are usually...

Throughout the world, there are many different divinatory systems which may be used by psychics to help guide and advise their clients. For many, divination is not their original purpose; for example, the tarot was originally designed as a card game. Both the Vikings and...