What Can a Child Life Report Astrology Birth Chart Reading Tell You?

What Can a Child Life Report Astrology Birth Chart Reading Tell You?

What can a child life report Astrology birth chart reading tell parents about their children? How does the knowledge it provides help parents? Read on to find out…

The Trouble with Parenthood

All children deserve to live happy, fulfilled lives, and all parents want the best for their children – but being a parent is one of life’s most important, hardest and most unpredictable tasks, because:

Every child is different; no two children think, feel or need; like, dislike, want or do things the same, and every one of them develops differently.

Everything a parent says or does has an effect and could potentially make the difference whether a child lives a harmonious, balanced life or a life of turmoil, complex failures and fears.

Most parents face this complex, incredibly difficult undertaking with little, if any, guidance.  While parents do, of course, have their own parents as role models, many can look back at their childhoods and think: “If they had known more about me, about my strengths and weaknesses, they may have done things differently – perhaps even better.” Well, a child life report can give you the guidance you need by telling you all this and more…

So, what Can You Learn from a Child Life Report Astrology Reading?

Based on your child’s very own, unique astrological birth chart and roughly covering a period from around six months of age to your child’s mid- to late teens, a child life report:

  • Gives you an insight into your child’s character, skills and talents; natural behaviour tendencies, wants and needs.
  • Tells you about the very individual, special relationships your child will have with you.


These child/mother and child/father relationships are incredibly important, and this knowledge can assist you in better fulfilling your primary role as guide and guardian of your child’s development.

  • Provides ideas on how to redirect and turn negative behaviours into strengths that will benefit your child.
  • Offers essential, key information to help you provide your child with the best possible stimulation, environment and behaviour correcting measures to help them reach their full mental, emotional, physical and spiritual potential.


As such, it will answer questions like, for instance, what:

  • Special talents and strengths your child will have from the start.
  • Your child will think of you as he/she develops.
  • Types of relationship will be of the greatest value to your child.


Showing you when to be most nurturing and when (and how) to teach your child valuable lessons about life, it will also give you a glimpse into your child’s future and answer some of those overwhelming questions that are on most parents’ minds, including, for example:

  • What, if any, predictable difficulties and dangers their future may hold for them.
  • How their health will be affected.
  • How you can help and protect your child.
  • What life lessons to focus on to properly prepare your child for becoming an adult.
  • How difficult (or indeed easy) school will be for your child.
  • Whether your child will make friends easily, and more.


In a nutshell, a child life report will provide you with all the knowledge you need to effectively guide your child into the right direction towards a happy, balanced and fulfilled life as an adult (see an example here).

Ordering Your Child’s Birth Chart Reading

Written specifically to assist parents in their endeavour to give their children the best possible start in life, child life reports make wonderful gifts for new parents, birthdays, Christenings, Christmas and other special occasions.

To create a unique child life report/birth chart for a child, we will need to know the child’s place, date and time of birth, so please complete the order form here as accurately as possible.

Please note, however, that while the precise, accurate time of birth will allow us to be more specific and make the reading completely relevant to the child, please do not worry if you do not know the exact time, as we can manage without it and the overall reading will still be valid.

Tony Hyland