Astrology Birth Charts: What Can an Astrological Birth Chart Tell You?

Astrology Birth Charts: What Can an Astrological Birth Chart Tell You?

If you have already explored my Website, you will have seen that one of the many psychic services I offer is the provision of Astrology birth charts and character profiles. But what exactly can an astrological birth chart & character profile tell you? Read on to find out…

Astrology Birth Charts

Created using your own date, time (if known) and place of birth (or those of a loved one), an Astrology birth chart and character profile typically consists of a usually around 25-page long report including your birth chart and the interpretations of the signs, houses and aspects of the moon, sun and planets at the date/time & place of your birth.

Carefully calculated and analysed, your birth chart holds the key to unlocking your psyche and all its potential, it is the most thorough, most comprehensive way to discover who you really are and who you could (or should) be; it is the way to understand both your best and your worst traits and qualities; both your talents & strengths and your weaknesses & “not so nice” tendencies that emerge when you are anxious, afraid or angry.

By giving you this deeper understanding of yourself and what makes you “tick”, it allows you to maximise your strengths and transcend those weaknesses that have been stopping you from reaching your full potential.

So, exactly what Can an Astrology Birth Chart Tell You?

Have fears and insecurity been stopping you from “getting on” in life? Your moon will tell you what you really need to feel safe and secure. Do you want to know what your natural talents are or how you express love? Venus will tell you everything you need to know.

What are you looking for in a potential partner and what can you do to improve your relationships? Your 7th House (the “House of Partnerships”), its ruling planet and all other planets this house contains will give you the answers you seek.

Essentially, astrology birth charts offer multi-dimensional, incredibly rich insights into yourself and every aspect of your life, from love, family and relationships to career, work, finances and more.

Whatever you wish to know, whatever question you have, you birth chart will give you the straightforward, on-target answers you need. Why not order one today?


Tony Hyland