How to refresh your Aura

How to refresh your Aura

Did you know that we all have an aura? OK… Did you know that your aura is made up of 3 layers? The Outer Aura, The Middle Aura, and (yes, you guessed right) The Inner Aura. Each layer will create its own colours and has its own unique purpose.

Keeping your aura healthy requires sensible lifestyle choices, but a knowledge of how your 3 layer aura works will benefit you in keeping your aura refreshed – here’s some tips.

The Outer Aura – Your protective shell, mainly orange in colour. This aura will pick up energy from others, both positive and negative and this may stay with you for some time. If your outer layer has holes in it, it will leave you feeling jaded and fatigued.

The Middle Aura – This aura will provide a strong indication of how you are feeling. Although purple in colour mostly, if you are feeling stress and overloaded with negativity, the colour will change from lilac to a deep violet.

The Inner Aura – This aura is closest to your skin and will generally show as a green colour. If you are healthy and lead a sensible lifestyle, the colour will be a lighter green. Stimulants like alcohol, caffeine and even sugar will show up as a much darker green.

How to Refresh your Outer Aura

We need to start with your protective shell, your outer aura. You need to try and keep this strong and healthy, no holes! By leading a healthy life, you can ‘patch up’ and retain your energy, rather than it leaking out.

It is recommended to bathe in body temperature water at least 4 times a week to clean and clear away any energy that may have been attached to you.

How to Refresh your Middle Aura

Dress for success, well middle aura success at least. It has been noted that dressing in the right colours can affect our mood and feelings. The middle aura is all about how you are feeling, so dress with some (muted) colour – avoid black! Instead choose warm pastel colours like pink and sky blue for instance.

It may have an effect on how you feel, which will help refresh your middle aura. Some foods are also known to help, such as oats beetroot juice and blueberries.

How to Refresh your Inner Aura

Remember, you want a nice light green hue here. If you eat and drink the wrong things, your inner aura will suffer – you aura what you eat (I may have misspelt that from the original). Artificial substances like caffeine may give you a lift, but it’s only temporary, and back down you will come. Where possible, drink body temperature water, and lots of it.

You could also try to infuse green nettle or mint to make a tea. This is great as it will aid digestion, and free up energy normally used for this, which will be released into other areas of your body.I hope that the above has been of some help to you. If you need more guidance and would like a psychic reading, please call me, or order an email reading. You can call me on the number at the top of this page, or click the link for a psychic email reading.

Tony Hyland