How can you trust an online psychic?

How can you trust an online psychic?

In the age of online scams, especially in the area of online psychic readings, can you ever really trust an online service? For instance, it used to be that psychic abilities were frowned upon and related services were not as mainstream as they are now. These days, especially on certain social platforms that shall remain nameless, it seems that everybody is a psychic, doesn’t it?

Live psychic readings are all over the internet now, which leaves one wondering just how many genuine psychics there are in the world. This inevitably leads people to wonder whether or not they can trust an online psychic reading. With that firmly in mind, I have put together a few tips so that you can avoid being led astray (read, scammed) in your foray into the world of the online psychic.

Know who you are dealing with

So, you have come across a site offering online psychic readings. Chances are, you will be asked to make an account (note, that no account is required here) before you can speak to a psychic. You will also be asked to deposit funds to make your booking.

This is where it is important to know who you are dealing with and what the terms & conditions are – if the website doesn’t have a T&C page, that’s your first warning sign. If you are asked to create an account, is there a membership agreement? Is there membership fees (another red flag)? How about support, does that exist (important if there is an account requirement)?

Trust your gut

Your instincts are stronger than you might think, you should trust them. Never be afraid to listen to your gut and trust it if you feel uneasy about a particular psychic or network. The network sites (where there are a lot of ‘psychics’ to choose from are very prevalent on the internet and you should probably be a little wary of these.

All in all, if something feels a little off then it probably is. Be aware also that just because someone can tell you something that you already know, that doesn’t make them psychic – it could just mean they are very good at playing the odds (the majority of people have dark hair, for example).

A real psychic will be able to tell you something that you don’t know yet. The insight may not make sense at first, but it will later. It is generally only with hindsight that we can see predictions and insights ‘come true’. Keep track of what is said during your reading, write it down if you can, then see how things play out.

Sadly however we sometimes hear what we want to. When a clairvoyant such as myself tells you the truth, as opposed to the easy path of appeasement, then you can trust in it.

The whole reading process can provide helpful insights, and it can sometimes be fun too because you learn so many new things in a short space of time.

In short though, with some care and consideration, yes you can trust an online psychic.

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Tony Hyland