Horoscope Love Compatibility – Zodiac Love Matches – Part 1

Horoscope Love Compatibility – Zodiac Love Matches – Part 1

Horoscope love compatibility is based on comparing the prevailing traits of each individual sign and, while there are of course exceptions to the rule, some signs of the Zodiac are more compatible than others. Here are the best love matches for the first six signs of the Zodiac.

Horoscope Love Compatibility ariesHoroscope Love Compatibility – Aries

Fire-sign Aries loves to flirt and will readily take the initiative in matters of romance. When an Aries native fall in love, they express their love to the one they love straight away, without giving it a great deal of thought.

The compatibility of Aries individuals with those born under other signs is extremely complex. An Aries in love will shower their beloved with liberal, sometimes excessive affection. Very passionate and energetic, they love adventures. A passionate lover, Aries is addicted to passion and sex and can get quite excited at the slightest thought of it. Providing there is plenty of excitement and adrenaline, relationships with Aries natives can be long lasting and strong.

Greatest Compatibility Overall: Sagittarius and Leo

Best for Partnerships and Marriage: Libra

Horoscope Love Compatibility taurusHoroscope Love Compatibility – Taurus

Be ready to show patience with a Taurus lover. Touch is of high importance to the extremely sensual Taurus native, who will show his/her affection through material things and gifts. For partners, Taurus will frequently find people who share their desire for leisure and can respond to their high intellect from within their usual social environment. Compatibility with other Zodiac signs can be a little complicated.

Greatest Compatibility Overall: Virgo and Capricorn

Best for Partnerships and Marriage: Scorpio

Horoscope Love Compatibility geminiHoroscope Love Compatibility – Gemini

Always ready to face an intellectual challenge, fun-loving Gemini is a fiery lover. Physical contact and communication are very important for a Gemini, and when these two things are combined, nothing can stand in their way. Ever ready to flirt and inquisitive, Gemini natives will spend quite a lot of their time with varying lovers until the right one – the one who matches their energy and intellect – comes along.

To be completely satisfied, Gemini individuals need to feel excitement, passion and variety. Once they have found their perfect partner, Geminis are faithful and loyal.

Greatest Compatibility Overall: Libra and Aquarius

Best for Partnerships and Marriage: Sagittarius

Horoscope Love Compatibility cancerHoroscope Love Compatibility – Cancer

Gentle, caring and very emotional, Cancer natives place high importance on feelings in matters of romance and love. Showing of their sensibility without a thought, they always choose someone who understands them well for partners. Superficial or Overly ambitious or superficial; partners are not welcome with Cancer natives.

Dedicated and loyal to their partners, Cancer individuals will show their affection and love by showering their loved one with verbal appreciation and material gifts. Cancer natives are dedicated partner who love marriage and children.

Greatest Compatibility Overall: Scorpio and Pisces

Best for Partnerships and Marriage: Capricorn

Horoscope Love Compatibility leoHoroscope Love Compatibility – Leo

Passionate and sincere, fire-sign Leo shows its feelings with clarity and ease. Adventurous, very energetic and fun in terms of sex, Leo natives clearly understand the boundaries between love and sex. Easily taking on a leading role in relationships, Leos rely strongly on their desire/need for initiative and independency. Partners can at times find this tiring, especially when a Leo starts imposing her/his will and organising things that are far from being theirs to organise. Leo natives need reasonable, self-aware partners who are on the same level of intellect as they are. Leos in love are loyal, respectful, fun and extremely generous towards their loved ones.

Greatest Compatibility Overall: Aries and Sagittarius

Best for Partnerships and Marriage: Aquarius

Horoscope Love Compatibility virgoHoroscope Love Compatibility – Virgo

Virgos must feel that their partners find them desirable. Tactical and methodical, they are excellent lovers and, although not inclined to make direct declarations of love, will certainly show how they feel in the bedroom. Preferring just a few stable relationships rather than multiple partners, a Virgo native wants to feel that he/she is needed and important in his/her partner’s life and is very dedicated and faithful to partners.

Greatest Compatibility Overall: Taurus and Capricorn

Best for Partnerships and Marriage: Pisces

Next Month

Next month, we will look at the love traits and compatibility of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius; Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

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