Clairaudient Psychic Readings

Clairaudient Psychic Readings

One of my skills as a psychic is being Clairaudient. This may not mean a lot, so below I write about everything you need to know about Clairaudience.

What is Clairaudience?

In simple forms, Clairaudiency is an audio skill that allows me to receive messages from a lost soul or higher being. I believe I am highly intuitive here and have developed my skill to tap into spirit voices that are being transmitted from the spirit world.

These messages can then be relayed to you – in some cases we can even start a dialogue, a real conversation.

Can anyone be Clairaudient?

In some ways, yes. Some people are born with clairaudient abilities, whilst for others it is an acquired skill. Are you Clairaudient? See if any of the below ring true for you!

  • Did you have an imaginary friend as a child? Children do have a stronger connection with the spirit world and if you did have such a friend, maybe it wasn’t that imaginary. Could you try to connect with them now?
  • Do you talk to yourself a lot? Many of us do and there’s no harm in that! It could be your inner self connecting though, offering guidance from your inner voice.
  • Do you ever hear someone calling, but there’s no-one around? Don’t worry, you may not be losing your marbles. Maybe it is your spirit guide trying to get your attention? Try to connect more openly the next time you are called.
  • Do your ears ring? If you do not suffer from tinnitus, see above… Hello spirit guide?!

How to assist in a Clairaudient Reading

If you are not yourself clairaudient (and it is a rare skill) you can still assist if having a reading from a Clairaudient Psychic.

Find a quiet and comfortable spot prior to your reading. Ensure there are no distractions around you, especially anything involving radio and audio signals.

Relax your mind and get in touch with your desired clairaudient psychic reader.

Tony Hyland