The Truth in Your Hands

The Truth in Your Hands

The art of palmistry, or chiromancy, is an ancient one which has been practised in cultures across Europe and Asia. It is thought to have spread from ancient India to China, Tibet and Egypt, and from there to Greece, where it was popularised by Aristotle, Hippocrates and Alexander the Great.

The theory of the practice is that the personality and character of an individual is expressed in both the shape of the hands and in the lines seen on the palms of their hands. Alongside reading from a crystal ball and reading the tarot, palmistry is one of the skills that is most commonly associated with psychics.

There are three major lines that palmists tend to give the most weight; the heart line, the head line, and the life line.

The heart line crosses the top of the palm, beneath the fingers, and is said to represent love and attraction, the emotional side of the personality and matters of the heart.

The head line starts under the index finger and runs towards the outer edge of the palm, and is often connected to the life line. It is said to represent the person’s mind and intelligence, their approach to information and their learning style.

The life line, contrary to popular belief, is not thought to represent how long a person will live; rather, it is said to represent the individual’s vitality and general well being, and to reflect major life changes.

Alongside the lines, a palmist will also consider the mounts, or bumps of flesh on the palm. These are related to the influences of the planets, which can reflect the individual’s physical and emotional make-up. An elevated mount will accentuate the aspects connected to it, whereas one that is flat or unpronounced indicates that those qualities are subdued.

Mercury: Beneath the little finger. Business success, practicality, verbal acuity and adaptability.

Apollo: Beneath the ring finger. Self assurance, compassion, and desire to stand out from the crowd

Saturn: Beneath the middle finger. Patience, duty, responsibility and modesty

Jupiter: Beneath the index finger. Determination, ego, accomplishment and leadership

Venus: At the base of the thumb. Love, passion, romance and sensuality

Moon:  At the base of the palm, opposite the thumb. Intuition, creativity and imagination

Mars: The plain in the centre of the hand, with a positive mount above the thumb and negative mount at the other side of the palm.  The plain represents the ability to deal with confrontation – the negative mount represents enthusiasm or aggression, while the positive mount denotes the strength of their temperament.

Neptune: At the base of the palm, in the centre. Often disregarded by amateur palmists because it is difficult to identify, it represents the person’s sensitivity.

Palmistry is just one of the ways in which you can get guidance and advice on your path through life; you can also, of course, call me and my team for a psychic reading.

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