Tarot Cards – the Lesser Arcana, Swords, Part 2

Tarot Cards – the Lesser Arcana, Swords, Part 2

My exploration of Tarot cards’ meanings continues this month with the Lesser Arcana, Swords, Part 2 – Cards 1 to 5.

Lesser Arcana, Swords, Part 2 – the Ace, or 1

Symbolising a conquest, triumph/triumph of force and excessive degrees within everything, this card is a card of exceptional force both in hatred and love. It can, when facing the right way up, indicate either great misery or great prosperity. Drawn the ‘wrong way up’ (upside down), it basically indicates the same, but with disastrous results. It may also signal conception or childbirth; multiplicity, augmentation or, for a woman, a broken marriage due to her own imprudence.

Swords, Part 2 2Lesser Arcana, Swords, Part 2 – Card 2

Drawn the right way up, Card 2 of Swords indicates conformity and the balance this suggests, as well as courage, affection or friendship; intimacy or concord (state of arms). It may also indicate influential protection for a male seeking assistance or gifts for a female. Upside down, this card may suggest disloyalty, duplicity, a falsehood or imposture.

Swords, Part 2 3Lesser Arcana, Swords, Part 2 – Card 3

This card symbolises, when facing the right way, absence, removal or delay; dispersion, division or rupture and everything the design of this card naturally signifies. Facing upside down, it may indicate confusion, distraction or disorder; error, loss or mental alienation. It may also signal a meeting with someone compromised by the querent.

Swords, Part 2 4Lesser Arcana, Swords, Part 2 – Card 4

Considered to be a ‘bad’ card, this card demands vigilance and may signal a retreat, hermit’s repose or solitude; exile or a tomb/coffin. Drawn reversed, it suggests avarice, precaution or circumspection; a testament or the economy. It may also signal that wise administration of affairs may bring about a certain success.

Swords, Part 2 5Lesser Arcana, Swords, Part 2 – Card 5

Drawn either way up, this card indicates degradation, destruction or dishonour; infamy, a reversal, loss or an attack on the querent’s fortune. Upside down, it may also indicate obsequies or a burial.

Interpretation of Cards

Here, as with all other cards, the precise meaning of a card depends on prevailing circumstances, the querent’s question/s and other factors.

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