Tarot Cards – the Lesser Arcana, Cups, Part 2

Tarot Cards – the Lesser Arcana, Cups, Part 2

Today, we will explore the meanings of cards 1 to 5 of the second suit in the Lesser Arcana, Cups.

Cups 1Lesser Arcana, Cups – Card 1, the Ace of Cups

Facing the right way up, this card represents the true heart’s house. Signalling the home, abundance and content, it may also indicate fertility, a holy table or happiness, as well as nourishment. It may, however, also point towards unalterable law or inflexible will. Reversed, it it represents the false heart’s house and may indicate instability, mutation or revolution.





Cups 2Lesser Arcana, Cups – Card 2

This card indicates friendship, love and/or passion; union, affinity and concord; the interrelation of genders, sympathy and, as a suggestion away from any offices of divination, the desire that is not within nature, but sanctifies nature. This is a favourable card for things of business, love and pleasure regardless of which way up it is drawn.






Cups 3Lesser Arcana, Cups – Card 3

Signalling the plentiful conclusion of any matter, this card may, when drawn the right way up, indicate merriment, perfection or a happy outcome; fulfilment, a victory or solace and/or healing. For a man in the military, it may signal an unexpected advancement. Drawn upside down, this card may indicate an achievement, consolation or dispatch; an end or an expedition.





Cups 4Lesser Arcana, Cups – Card 4

Drawn facing the right way, this card indicates aversion, disgust or weariness, as well as imaginary vexation, as though the world’s wine had caused only satiety. The young man on this card is offered wine, but it does not console him. This card also indicates contrarieties and mixed pleasure. Drawn reversed, it signals new relations or instructions; presage or a novelty.





Cups 5Lesser Arcana, Cups – Card 5

Drawn the right way, this is a card of loss, although something remains – 3 cup s were taken, but there are 2 remaining. This is a card of patrimony, inheritance and transmission, though not in correspondence with expectations. Some see it as a card of marriage, although not without frustration or bitterness. Drawn upside down, it may signal alliances, affinity and/or ancestry; consanguinity, news or false projects. It may also indicate a return, such as, for example, the return of a relative you have not seen for a prolonged period.

Interpretation of Cards

As with all cards, the meanings provided here are general. What a card actually means to any specific individual very much depends on its position within a spread, the question/s that was/were asked and other factors.

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