Consulting a Psychic Over the Phone: What to Do Before a Psychic Reading

Consulting a Psychic Over the Phone: What to Do Before a Psychic Reading

To get the most out of your session when consulting a psychic over the phone, it helps to be prepared, so here are some helpful suggestions on what to do before a psychic reading with myself or one of my readers.

What to Do Before a Psychic Reading

Many of our callers (and especially “first-timers”), are incredibly nervous when they pick up the phone to consult a psychic. Often due to not knowing what to expect, fear of being “scammed” by con-artists, or the severity of a situation, this can not only affect the accuracy of a reading by preventing the reader to make a good, strong connection but may also result in callers forgetting to ask important questions (or forgetting what was said afterwards).

As such a reading could not only turn out to be somewhat disappointing but be a waste of both your time and money, I therefore suggest taking the following steps before making that call:

Meditate – Getting yourself calmed down and into the right frame of mind will help your reader to make the necessary connection, as well as allowing you to remember those important questions you wish to ask. You can achieve this meditating for as little as 10 to 20 minutes prior to making the call.

Consider Your Goal – Spend a moment considering what exactly it is you want to achieve with this call. Do you want advice on a relationship or career matter? Are you seeking guidance on a work, financial or health-related issue? Are you hoping to contact a departed loved one? Being clear about whatever it is you want from this session beforehand will save you having to think about it during the call (which would clearly be wasting time, as well as money).

Write Down Your Questions – Think about a list of specific questions you wish to have answered (as even the best of us cannot always answer every question, do include a few “back-up questions” as well), write them down and make sure to have this list with you when you call.. Having your questions “ready to go” as soon as your psychic connects saves time and helps the consultation to “flow” more freely.

Prepare to Take Notes – A good, highly accurate psychic phone reading can be somewhat overwhelming, especially if this is your first time and you were not sure what to expect. This can make keeping track of what your reader is saying difficult at best and remembering what was said later almost impossible. Taking notes or recording your session allows you to “revisit” what was said at your own convenience, so it is always a good idea to have a notebook and pen or a recording device by your side when calling…

Consulting a Psychic Over the Phone

Finally, while it saddens me to have to admit it, not all people offering psychic readings over the phone are genuine psychics with the desire to help those in need, so do make sure to call a reputable psychic who is not merely out to relieve you of your hard-earned cash!

In other words, do your research; “shop around” a little; try to find out as much about any given psychic as you can (i.e. what type of reading do they offer, what tools, if any, do they use, etc.); check out clients’ testimonials and/or ask friends, colleagues or relatives if they know a good psychic (perhaps someone they have used themselves).

Make a shortlist of possible “options” and then choose the person to whom you feel most “drawn” or with whom you believe you can build a good rapport.

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Firmly believing that empathy and honesty are crucial to successful psychic phone readings, my team and I enjoy an excellent reputation for providing accurate, to-the-point readings, which is clearly indicated by our clients’ testimonials.

While we all have different strengths and abilities, as well as using different tools, we all take great pleasure and pride in being given the privilege to help guide clients through both the good and the bad times of their lives and will always tell them how we see things clearly and honestly.

If you need answers, please use the information provided on all of us here to choose the most suitable reader for your purpose, note down their individual PIN number and then give us a call to arrange your psychic phone consultation.

For UK callers, the number to call a member of my team is 0800 999 8831. Australia 1800 018 367, Canada 1866 766 9422, Ireland 0150 60693, USA 1855 864 9383, ROW +44 207 111 6115.

For UK callers, the number to call me is UK 0800 999 3831, Australia 1800 558 140, Canada 1866 403 3407, USA 1855 864 9382, Eire 015 060 692, Rest of the World +44 1749 860 777.

Tony Hyland