Numerology Part 4, Life Path Number 3

Numerology Part 4, Life Path Number 3

Continuing my exploration of life path numbers, let’s see what having life path number 3 means to you.

Life Path Number 3 – General

Life Path Number 3 1If you were born with the life path number 3, it is likely that you will have wonderful communication skills and a strong, well-developed sense of creativity. For you, achievements typically come through use of your ingenious expression.

Truly gifted people with this life path number possess extraordinary innovative skills, usually within the realm of verbal communication: speaking, acting, writing and similar endeavours.

People with the life path number 3 are the world’s entertainers – effervescent, bright and sparkling individuals with an incredibly optimistic attitude.

Positive Attributes of Life Path Number 3

The bright side of life path number 3 stresses beauty, pleasure, harmony and sharing your fantastic inventive talents with those around you and the world in general. This life path’s highest attainment level is to capture your capability within creative self-expression.

Generally living life to the fullest – frequently without worrying too much about tomorrow – you lack concern about money, which tends to mean you are not terribly good when it comes to handling money. In a nutshell, you spend money when you happen to have it – and don’t spend when you haven’t.

Warm, friendly, open and social, people with life path number 3 are good conversationalists and love connecting with others.

A delight to listen to, they are also good at listening to others, which always means they are welcome additions to social situations and good at making others feel comfortable and at home.

Number 3 individuals tend to have an exceedingly positive approach to life and almost certainly have an open-hearted, sunny disposition. Happy and often inspired, they constantly seek (and need) the stimulation provided by like-minded people.

Their exuberant nature has the potential to take them far, especially if they can focus their energies and talents.

Negative Attributes of Life Path Number 3

Life Path Number 3 2Highly sensitive souls, people with the life path number 3 do, however, also have a remote side and can, if hurt in some fashion easily retreat into morose silence for prolonged periods.

Eventually coping with the setbacks life throws at them, they do, however, readily bounce back. Their ability to admit the existence of problems without allowing these issues to get them down excessively long, they tend to easily deal with problems.

Their own sensitivity also causes number 3 individuals to have a caring disposition and be highly conscious of others’ emotions and feelings.

Number 3s are loyal, ardent lovers and when affairs don’t last, the experience may leave seemingly lasting scars. Life path number 3 individuals are deeply touched by emotional experiences of all kinds and drama my need to be played out over some time. Unfortunately, this path number’s giving disposition frequently attracts demanding partners. Similar to most of life path 3’s life issues, balance within relationships is somewhat illusive.

Controlling their highs & lows is the biggest challenge for people with the life path number 3, and they will fail to do very well under dominating management or in routine environments. Finding overly contemplative and slow thinking people frustrating, they don’t function very well with, under or for such people.

Their joy of living may lead individuals with this path number into allowing life to become superficial and frivolous. Scattering their abilities and expressing little to no sense of purpose, they can be enigmas and tend to get moody and retreat for no apparent reason. Prone to escapist tendencies, they often find it difficult to settle in one position or place and must guard against being overly optimistic and impatient, intolerant or critical of others.

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