Numerology Part 3, Life Path Number 2

Numerology Part 3, Life Path Number 2

Continuing my series on Numerology, let’s look at what it means to have the life path number 2 (you can find out how to work out your life path number here).

What the Life Path Number 2 Means to You

Numerology Part 3, Life Path Number 2Having the life path number 2 suggests that you have the spiritual quality to become one of society’s peacemakers. Your ability to carefully listen and absorb information is the foundation of your strengths. A very diplomatic kind of person, you are a mediator and a fixer who uses persuasive skills, as opposed to forcefulness, to get ahead in the world.

When embracing and exhibiting your spiritual side’s strengths, you are avant-garde, idealistic, visionary and intuitive, which makes you extremely interesting and mean you have much to offer to society.

Your potential to be a very deep thinker makes you strive for a better understanding of life’s many intriguing facets and mysteries.

Positive Attributes of Life Path Number 2

Numerology Part 3, Life Path Number 2 2One of the positive attributes of life path number 2 is an exceptionally delicate ability to be fair and balanced. Being able to clearly see all viewpoints in any situation or argument, you are often sought out as a mediator and can settle disputes with completely unbiased flair.

Your concern for others is sincere, you always think the best of others and you always want the very best for them. Open and honest in word, thought and deed, you excel in group activities, where your skills in blending and handling people are used most effectively.

You are not a person who wants to dominate situations or groups. Instead, your way is marked by tact and manners and you are indeed a master of maintaining harmony and compromise. The perfect team member, you never demand recognition and praise, but always expect much of yourself.

Preferring your path and daily patterns to be familiar and well worn, you are, in many ways, a creature of routine and habit. Able to analyse and offer accurate judgments, you tend to strive for total accuracy – even perfection – at work and while you may not be a leader, you are certainly a very talented, visionary person with many fantastic ideas.

Negative Attributes of Life Path Number 2

Nervous energy – a trait frequently observed in people with the life path number 2 – can lead to others seeing you as a bit of a zealot when it comes to expressing your likes and dislikes. This nervous tension can bring about an out-of-character emotional outrage and, at times, make you oversensitive.

Sometimes, your strengths can become your weaknesses. You may, for example, sometimes find it difficult to make decisions. This can make ‘getting your life into gear’ a bit of a challenge.

People with life path number 2 also tend to have feelings of uneasiness and/or dissatisfaction with their personal progress and accomplishments.

What’s more, a negative ‘Number 2’ can be very pessimistic and apathy, lethargy and passivity may become the biggest difficulties/obstacles you may have to face. When this kind of feeling sets in, you will find that you can accomplish little to nothing at all. You may also lack common sense and/or find it hard to draw the line between reality and fantasy.

Life Path Number 2 in General

Most people with this life path number prefer less competitive, more amiable environments, which is why they often shun the world of business. As much of your idealism is quite humanitarian and people-oriented in nature, you can serve society best by using your guidance and counselling skills.

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