Numerology Part 2 – Life Path Number 1

Numerology Part 2 – Life Path Number 1

Having explored the basics of numerology last month, we will continue this series today by looking at what it means to have the life path number 1.


Let’s begin with a quick recap what this number indicates and how to work it out. We determined that the Life Path Number tells us about your native traits – those characteristics that are with you from the day you are born. It is worked out by adding all the digit of your date of birth together, repeating the process until you arrive at a single digit.

Life Path Number 1 1

Life Path Number 1

People with this life path number are born with skills allowing them to easily become leader types. If you have this number, your nature will be charged with a need for personal achievement/attainment, demand for independence and individualistic desires.

Life Path Number 1 2Many political and corporate leaders, military generals and otherwise prominent people have this life path number, including, for example, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nancy Reagan and Dick Cheney; Sally Field, George Lucas and Sally Ride.

Positive Traits

Positive traits of this number include having a mind capable of outstanding creative inspiration, drive and enthusiasm. Good at getting things started, Number 1 individuals are at their best when facing challenges and obstacles, which they handle with daring, both inner & physical strength, the ability to lead and utter determination.

Being natural leaders, they have a flair for taking charge of situations, sometimes even when doing so is inappropriate. They are highly original and may have talents as innovators or inventors and their independent attitude may show through ant work they do. Tiring quickly of highly detailed tasks and routine, they have very strong desires and personal needs and always feel it necessary to follow their own convictions.

Life Path Number 1 3

Assertive in promoting themselves and ambitious, individuals with this number can be self-centred (although they often hide this for social reasons) and demand to ‘have it their way’ in many situations.

Having said this, they are mostly considered to be very good company, good natured, friendly and exceptional conversationalists. People like them and are drawn to them, which is good, because they are also very sensitive and don’t handle disapproval very well.

Negative Traits

While people with this life path number always have the potential to be great leaders, they can fail as followers. Having to follow for some time before they can be leaders can give them a difficult time. When they are not yet fully developed, their expression of this negative side can result in their demeanour appearing highly dependent, as opposed to independent, especially during their early years.

Life Path Number 1 4Individuals expressing this negative side of their life path number are likely to be dissatisfied with their circumstances and longing for self-sufficiency. Stronger expressions of this can cause these individuals to be egotistical, selfish and self-serving; demanding and bossy.

Knowing Yourself

While your life path number can tell you much about yourself, an Astrology Birth Chart & Character Profile can provide you with even greater insights into who you are and what makes you unique. You can order one here.

Tony Hyland