Numerology Part 1 – An Introduction

Numerology Part 1 – An Introduction

Numerology is one of the easiest to understand & use arts of divination. Using your date of birth and the letters of your full name, it is believed to reveal your individual characteristics, destiny, life path and more. We will begin our exploration of numerology by looking briefly at its history and how to work out your lifepath and destiny numbers.

Numerology 1A Brief History of Numerology

Many believe Greek mathematician Pythagoras (569-470 B.C.) to be the originator of what we today refer to as numerology. It does, however, appear that this art’s actual origins predate Pythagoras, with the ancient Hebrew Kabbalah being the most widely believed origin.

After ‘disappearing’ for quite some time, the art of numerology reappeared in the 20th Century in the shape of books published by L. Dow Balliett between 1911 and 1917. It was then helped further along by Florence E. Campbell (mystic & author of ‘Your Days Are Numbered’, which was first published in 1931) during the 1930s.

A wealth of related literature over the next few decades provided the public with greater access to this discipline. Over the past 90 years or so, it seems to have rapidly moved on from those early beginnings –  or perhaps we just rediscovered ancient knowledge that was merely hidden from us for a while.

The Basics of Numerology

So, what does numerology do? In essence, this divinatory discipline uses your date of birth and your full birth name* to determine your:

  • Life Path Number, which represents your native traits
  • Destiny, or Expression Number, which symbolises your potential, destiny, or the opportunities at your disposal
  • Heart’s Desire or Soul Urge Number, which represents your inner, private likes, dislikes and cravings
  • Personality or Inner Dreams Number, which represents your inner-most, secret desires, dreams and fantasies

The system uses 9 core numbers (1 to 9) and two so-called master numbers (11 and 22), each of which has its own set of both positive and negative characteristics and expressions (see Numerology Keywords chart at the bottom of this page).

Numerology 2

To arrive at these numbers, you add the:

  • Digits of your date of birth together for the Life Path Number
  • Values assigned to the letters of your full name together for your Destiny Number
  • Values assigned to the vowels in your name together for your Heart’s Desires/Soul Urge Number
  • Values assigned to the consonants in your name together for your Inner Dreams Number

If any of these sums come to more than 9, you reduce this sum to a single digit by adding its digits together (repeating this process, if necessary, until you finally have a single digit; see images for examples).

Numerology 3

11 and 22, the master numbers, are the only exception to this rule. Said to be intensified versions of 2 and 4 (the numbers replaced by 11 and 22 respectively), these master numbers are supposed to suggest potential for high degrees of learning or/and achievement, frequently within more stressful environments.

Numerology 4

As these numbers do, however, operate at a more practical, tangible level in most individuals, they essentially become the same as their single-digit parallels. My exploration of numerology and the meanings of the life, destiny and other numbers will therefore remain focused on the 9 core numbers.

*Most relevant authorities concur that your full name as it appears on your birth certificate should be used for name-based calculations. Changed (including marriage) names and nicknames have no effect on your given name’s importance.

Other Numerology Applications

Numerology also considers what it means to be born on any day of a month. It also enables you to take a glimpse into your relationships. Then, of course, there are the cycles of numerology. Based on your date of birth, these cycles take us into the realm of forecasting. This, however, is something we will consider much later within this series.


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Numerology 5

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