Numerology Extra – Birthday Numbers Part 1

Numerology Extra – Birthday Numbers Part 1

Birthday numbers are the days of any month on which people are born. Reflecting the energies of the numbers 1 – 9 (see image), they are supporting influences, or modifiers, to life path numbers and the dominating, more important traits revealed by them. As with life path numbers, two-digit birthdays are reduced to a single digit to arrive at the relevant birthday number.

Numerology Extra - Birthday Numbers Part 1

We will start today by looking at what it means to be born on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th of a month.

Numerology Extra - Birthday Numbers Part 1 2Birthday Numbers – Born on the 1st

If you were born on the 1st of a month, your innate traits are influenced by the energies of the number 1. This suggests your makeup may include more leadership qualities and executive abilities than your life path number may indicate. Giving you a certain measure of self-confidence and willpower, your birthday on the 1st of a month also means you frequently have a somewhat original approach to matters.

Potentially diminishing your desire and ability to deal with details, the 1 energy may mean you prefer to ‘paint things with a wide/broad brush’.

Birthday Numbers – Born on the 2nd

Adding a degree of emotion, intuition and sensitivity to your life path reading, the very social 2 energies of being born on the second of a month allows you to make friends quickly and easily – although you are prone to having a ‘nervous air’ about you when within a large group.

Your emotional understanding and warm-hearted nature constantly seeks affection. Prone to becoming moody and depressed due to emotions turning inward and causing mental turmoil and anxiety, you can at times find it difficult to ‘bounce back’ once depression has set in.

Birthday Numbers – Born on the 3rd

Having a birthday on the 3rd of any given month is highly likely to add a great deal of vitality to you and your life. Allowing you to rapidly bounce back from both physical and mental setbacks, the number 3’s energy enables you to portray a somewhat easy-going, occasionally even ‘couldn’t care less’ type of attitude.

Having a natural ability to publicly express yourself, you invariably make good impressions and, as you are very good with words, tend to excel in speaking, writing and potentially singing.

Energetic and a good conversationalist, you have a very keen imagination. You do, however, tend to scatter energies and get involved in too many matters that are superficial. Affectionate and loving, you can at times be too sensitive and tend to experience rapid ups & downs.

Birthday Numbers – Born on the 4th

Potentially making you more self-disciplined and responsible than your life path number may suggest, having a birthday on the 4th of a month could help in making you a better organiser and manager.

Honest and sincere, you are a hard-working, serious individual, although the energy of the number 4 may impose limitations on you (especially if the 4 is also active elsewhere within your reading, such as in your life path or birth numbers, for instance) and it is likely that your feelings will occasionally seem rather repressed.

Causing your feelings to be very closely controlled and regulated, the number 4 can have a rather inhibiting in terms of showing/expressing your feelings. Even if this number does not appear anywhere else, it is likely to make you more rational, conscious of details and practical. This number is also associated with a great deal of stubbornness and rigidity.

Birthday Numbers – Born on the 5th

Having your birthday on the 5th of a month means you are inclined to working well with and enjoying people. Talented, versatile and extremely good at presenting new ideas, you do, however, occasionally tend to get ‘itchy feet’ and need travel and change.

Tending to be adaptable, imaginative and progressive, you have an analytical, clever and quick mind. Your natural restlessness can make you easily bored with daily routines and a little impatient – and you potentially tend to shirk your responsibilities.

Learning More About Yourself

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