How to Cleanse Your Aura: Top Tips for Cleansing Your Aura

How to Cleanse Your Aura: Top Tips for Cleansing Your Aura

In my previous post, I mentioned that there are a few things you can do to keep your aura bright and clean. I also promised to show you how to cleanse your aura, so here are my top tips for cleansing your aura.

Why is Cleansing Your Aura Necessary?

Attuned not only to your own physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health but also external circumstances, your aura constantly interacts with the auric fields of others, as well as reacting to universal influences (the positions of the stars and planets can have a significant impact on energy fields and consequently your aura).

Between these interactions and influences, there are many factors and situations (like stress at work, troubled relationships, family issues and other daily situations and upheavals, for example) that can drain your aura’s potential and make it look dull, clouded and convoluted.

This in turn can leave you feeling over-emotional, uninspired, irritable and generally unwell (not to mention how it makes others feel about you…). Keeping your aura clean is therefore not just a matter of appearance but of well-being.

How to Cleanse Your Aura

There are several things you can do to give your aura good cleansing:

Enjoy the Sun- Spending lots of time surrounded by nature and sunshine is the proverbial bee’s knees for your aura, because sunshine in the great outdoors feeds,  nurtures and expands your aura while simultaneously nourishing every one of your senses -leaving you feeling more energetic, happier and optimistic.

Enjoy the Rain – A nice walk in the rain allows nature to bathe your aura with cleansing rainwater and neutralise those harmful, negative energies that have been messing with it. As the rain drips off your skin, imagine your fears, worries and stress dripping away with them.

Do, however, remember never to walk during a thunderstorm, as this is not only potentially dangerous but can also play almighty havoc with your aura!

Have a Soak – A cleansing baths will work wonders for purifying your aura and cleanse it of any negative energies. Lavender, sea salt and eucalyptus baths are particularly good for calming your mind, body and spirit, with sea salt baths being especially recommended for times when you are feeling very low.

Smudge Your Aura – When your aura’s energies are negative and low, smudge it with the smoke from healing herbs like, for example, lavender, sage and juniper.

A traditional shamanic practice, smudging is the burning of herbs tied into tight bundles (or smudge sticks; here’s how to make your own). As the herb is smouldering, it releases smoke carrying your selected herb’s healing properties, allowing it to bathe your aura and cleanse it with its specific correspondence.

To smudge your aura, light your bundle of herbs and allow the smoke to slowly pass over every part of your body, beginning at your feet and moving via your legs towards your torso, back and sides; then onto your arms, hands and finally your neck, head and face.

Feel that cleansing smoke travel all over your body, allow the herb’s healing properties to cleanse your Higher Self and, as it does so, mentally release all negativity from your aura’s energy field.

Visualise Others’ Auras – You can strengthen and nurture your aura by visualising the auras of other life forms, which could be people, animals or even plants. Imagine the auras emanating from these living beings either as a bright and intense white light or as a kaleidoscope of rainbow colours circling them – taking note of both the colours you see and of how these colours make you feel.

Keep Energies Positive – Some people and situations can debilitate your auric potential by draining your energies. Keeping your aura well-nourished and healthy by surrounding yourself with positive energies and limiting your exposure to such debilitating situations/people as much as you can is therefore crucial to your well-being.

Keep Your Aura Close – Coexisting with other life forms means that your aura will inevitably cross, connect and interact with these lifeforms’ auras at least from time to time. Every time it does, it will pick up both their positive and negative energies.

Keeping your aura close to you by simply imagining it surrounding you tightly, like a compact, impenetrable suit of armour, will make it less likely for it to cross with others and consequently make it less vulnerable to external forces.

Strengthen Your Aura – Finally, try strengthening your aura with this simple exercise:

  • Find a place where you can be alone and lay down.
  • Relax your body and mind; centre yourself and let go of all of life’s chatter.
  • Imagine your aura, rainbow colours et al, leaking out and slowly seeping into every corner of the room, washing up against the walls like the waves of the sea.
  • Next, draw it slowly back towards and into yourself until it circles just inches away from your skin and becomes impenetrable to outside forces.

Repeat this as often as you feel is right for you, then:

  • Let your aura seep out again, but this time for a short distance (perhaps a couple of metres) from your physical self.
  • Once you feel it has travelled far enough, draw it back into yourself like you did in the previous section.

After again repeating this as often as you feel is necessary, imagine your aura as an impenetrable, compact and pulsating rainbow of colours – the perfect image of your aura at its best and your energies at their most intense.

If you practise this exercise as often as you can for at least a month, your strengthening aura should result in notable positive changes within your emotions/moods, perceptions and daily experiences.

Tony Hyland