Can Tarot Cards Predict the Future?

Can Tarot Cards Predict the Future?

I am often asked “Can Tarot cards predict the future?” or “What are the Tarot cards going to tell me?”, so here’s what you can expect of Tarot card readings…

What Are Tarot Cards?

Before going into whether Tarot cards can predict future events or what a tarot reading can tell you, let’s briefly look at what Tarot cards are…

Essentially, these cards are visual representations of energies and events you are likely to encounter throughout the course of your life. Such energies/events include, for example:

  • New beginnings, patience and determination;
  • Togetherness, joy and heartache;
  • Reflection, leaving things behind, decision-making and more

Typically containing 78 cards, a Tarot deck is divided into two parts, the:

  • Major Arcana, which consists of 22 cards depicting major changes along your life’s path, and the
  • Minor Arcana, which consists of 56 cards expanding on the Major Arcana’s themes.

The Minor Arcana contains four suits representing different elements and aspects of life:

  • Cups, which represent the element of water and emotions
  • Wands, which represent the element of fire and the spirit
  • Pentacles, which represent the element of earth and the physical world, and
  • Swords, which represent the element of are and the mind

Each suit includes cards numbered from 1 to 10 and 4 ‘picture’ cards: King, Queen, Knight & Page. There are some decks with different suit names, as well as decks substituting ‘Page’ and ‘Knight’ with ‘Prince’ and ‘Princess’, but the qualities represented by these cards remain mostly the same.

Readings are performed by selecting unseen cards from the deck and then interpreting the selected cards’ interaction and their positions within a specific layout (usually referred to as a ‘spread’) with reference to important issues in your life.

So, Can Tarot Cards Predict the Future?

Tarot cards cannot give you definitive answers concerning your future, but they can map out trends. In other words, they can predict what is most likely gong to happen if you follow a current/specific course of action.

They may show, for instance, that if you continue to take advantage of your friends, you are likely to lose their support when you need it.

Some readers combine Tarot readings with clairvoyant abilities. Such a reader may be able to tell you that you will have four children – but the choice is ultimately yours: you may decide to have more than four children or stop after your second or third child.  The future is, after all, in your hands alone.

Similarly, if a reader tells a 22-year old man that he will get married at the age of 32, he may not entertain the thought of any ‘deeper’ relationship for the next ten years. He could, however, also meet the love of his life three days after the reading and live with her for a decade before they tie the knot.

The decision is yours: do you really want to know what the future holds? Do you really want to have every detail (even if your reader can see them clearly)? Is there any possible advantage in knowing how many children you will (or will not) have – and what if the reader somehow gets it wrong?

To be perfectly honest, there is a much better way to use Tarot Cards…

What Are the Tarot Cards Best Used For?

Using the Tarot to examine your current life’s issues may well prove to be eminently more useful than trying to ‘predict the future’.

You may, for example, use them to look at how you:

  • Approach your family, social life and/or work
  • Can improve things for yourself
  • Can make better, more informed decisions

Exploring what is subconsciously going on, the Tarot can help you gain a better understanding of yourself, your actions & relationships and throw light on matters that were far from being obvious before.

You may, in fact, occasionally (if not frequently) find yourself thinking: “So that’s what that was all about”, or “Now I know why I felt like that” – while wondering why on earth you didn’t see/understand it before.

How Do I Get My Questions Answered?

Asking specific questions before readings is perfectly acceptable, so sit quietly and contemplate your question for a minute or two and then ask, for instance, “Should I accept that job offer?” (or better still, “Why should or shouldn’t I accept that job offer?”).

Tarot decks do not contain simple “yes” or “no” cards, so either way, you will receive a reading that clarifies the subject and enables you to make an informed decision based on a greater understanding of related issues.

Tarot readings are not about definitive answers – they are about gaining insights that enable you to make better, more informed choices.

Your intentions and attitude when getting a reading are important. If you approach a reading haphazardly, ‘as a joke’ or with the intention to dismiss what they tell you if it’s not what you want to hear, your answers are likely to be shallow.

If, however, you approach your reading with respect and the intention to reflect on the answers you received for the days/weeks to come, your answers will be far more meaningful, deeper and revealing.

Tarot Card Readings

Many members of my team are highly experienced, skilful tarot readers. If you need answers to help you with love/relationship, family, work or indeed any other issues, give one of them a call today.

For UK callers, the number to call a member of my team is 0800 999 8831. Australia 1800 018 367, Canada 1866 766 9422, Ireland 0150 60693, USA 1855 864 9383, ROW +44 207 111 6115.


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