3 Ways the Best Psychic Phone Readings Can Make You Happier and More Confident

3 Ways the Best Psychic Phone Readings Can Make You Happier and More Confident

The best psychic phone readings will always make you feel better in some way or another. Here are 3 of the ways in which a psychic reading by phone can make you happier and more confident.

Why Do People Get Psychic Readings by Phone?

Before we explore how an intuitive psychic or medium might make you feel better, let’s take a brief look at why people get readings.

Some call because they have business, financial or relationship problems, others do because they face decisions and are not sure which way to turn.

Others still get readings because they are worried about their or a loved one’s health; have legal or work issues or simply want to know what lies ahead.

What all of them have in common is that they need answers – answers that give them clarity, confirmation, fresh perspectives and insights, encouragement and more.

How these answers affect them is what makes the difference between ordinary, forgettable readings and the best readings that make them feel better…

So, How Do the Best Psychic Phone Readings Make You Feel Better?

The three ways in which a good, true and honest intuitive reading can make you feel both happier and more confident are by:

  • Validation

  • Resonance

  • Insight & Inspiration


Let’s look at these ways in a little more detail…

“I Knew it!” – Validation

Many callers consult intuitive readers because they want confirmation – or validation – that what they think, feel or are about to do is right.

While you may well ask why on earth anyone would want to hear something they already know, this is not as odd as it may seem. You see, thinking or feeling something does not necessarily make what we think or feel right – so we ask an intuitive psychic for a ‘second opinion’.

When the psychic then tells us that what we think, feel or are about to do is right, we get one of those “I knew it!” moments – which makes us feel great about ourselves and gives us more confidence. Allow me to give you a little example:

You were offered a new job in another city. You want to take it, because you believe it is the right thing to do. As taking this job does mean leaving everything (and everyone) you know behind, however, you ask your psychic about it – just to make sure.

He tells you about the job’s many advantages, how it will open up a world of opportunities to further your career for you and how moving to another city will bring you an exciting new social life and perhaps even love.

“Wow, I knew it!”. Validation! You feel wonderful about your choice; your feelings of doubt and unease vanish and the first thing you do after putting the phone down is make the call to accept the job – extremely happy and with confidence.

It is, by the way, no good simply asking your intuitive reader “Should I” or “Am I right”, because these questions can be answered with a single word (“Yes” or “No”) – which gives you no insight into why you are right or wrong and may well leave you exactly where you were before (full of doubt and unease).

It is much better to ask your intuitive reader to give you possible options and each choice’s potential outcome, because the ability to look at Choice 1 vs. Choice 2 will give you much better insights. This will, of course, make the confirmation you just received much more potent.

“I Feel it!” – Resonance

Sometimes, information you are given during a reading touches you all the way down to the soul – it resonates with you. Giving you what I like to call “I Feel it!” moments, information or messages that resonate with you may, for instance:

  • Simply feel right and have you exclaiming “Yes!”

  • Move you to tears and give you a feeling/sense of relief

  • Fill or even overcome you with a deep sense of joy

  • Make the hair on your arms/neck stand up of give you a chill down the back

  • Make you feel uplifted at the end of your session


Allow me to give you an example:

Your Dad died unexpectedly. Unfortunately, the last time you saw him before he passed away, you said something unkind to him. While you don’t think for a moment that he would hold this against you, you feel incredibly guilty about it and cannot get it out of your mind.

When you consult a medium, she tells you that your Dad says “It’s ok, I know you didn’t mean it. You may be a pain in the neck, but I still love you Minnehaha.”

You immediately realise that this message is indeed from your Dad because when you were a child, you used to find something to laugh about in any situation – and your Dad used to say those very words to you every time you were “in trouble” for some thing or another.

She then relays several other messages telling you that while your Dad was not ‘quite ready to go’, he is settled, happy and ‘looking out for you’. She even reminds you of a joke that had both of you in fits of giggles when you were 17.

After having a good cry and sharing a laugh about the joke with your reader, you feel incredibly relieved and end the session uplifted and full of joy.

By giving you information/messages that resonate with you in this way and evoking all these emotions, the best psychic phone readings can not only make you happier but can also validate you and subsequently lift your confidence.

“I See!” – Insight & Inspiration

Good, true psychic readings by phone can inspire you and offer you deeper insights into things – in other words, they can give you “I See!” moments. When a reading inspires you or gives you such insights, you may, for example:

  • Learn something new either about yourself, another person or a situation

  • Get very excited about life and all its possibilities

  • Have moments of realisation or awakening (“Aha!”)

  • Have moments where something suddenly and perhaps unexpectedly ‘clicks’ & makes sense


Here’s an example of such an “I See!” moment:

You are troubled by something your boyfriend is (or isn’t) doing. Feeling that the whole thing may somehow be your fault, you ask your intuitive reader about it.

She tells you about something that happened to him in the past (something you didn’t know about him) and suddenly, you realise why he is doing (or not, as the case may be) what he is/isn’t doing (“Aha!”) – and at last, the whole situation begins to make perfect sense to you (“I See!”).

This not only makes you feel better about the situation (and yourself, as it turns out it’s not your fault after all) but also gives you the necessary insight to help him overcome his troubled past and move forward.

When something like this happens during a reading, you feel it deep down in your soul and, somehow feeling just right, it gets you excited and may even be the very moment where you finally let go of fear. This will obviously make you very happy – and more confident.

Call Me

Many of my callers have “I knew it!”, “I feel it!” or “I see!” moments (or a combination thereof) during their readings and end up feeling happier and more confident as a result.

I can help you feel better, too, so if you need answers, insights, inspiration and/or validation, give me a call today.

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